Sometimes we simply don’t have any options when it comes to flipping players overnight. Maybe we predict that everything will lose value. As a result of this, there really isn’t many things that are great to invest in.

That is the case until you know about an amazing tool provided by FUTBIN.

Start by either heading over to FUTBIN’s website or download their app to your phone. From here you’re going to want to select your console

Next up, we need to look at the tools that analyse the movement of the market:

What this page also shows us is something called “Top Down”. What this is, is simply the players that have lost the most value today, as a percentage. What this page is showing you, are players that could have lost value simply because nobody is buying them, maybe someone is listing them way too low or maybe players are coincidentally undercutting by listing at the same time whilst there are no buyers.

Silver and Bronze players can be very volatile, and very expensive players, such as icons, will always shift up and down in price so should be analysed more carefully rather than using this method on them. Any other players should be fine to take a look at.

Let’s take a look at Yannick Carrasco in depth and how he has changed today.

As you can see, he has clearly lost a lot of value over the day, starting at around 3.1k, peaking at 3.8k and dropping as low as 2.2k.

From here you need to analyse why this player could be dropping. Is the entire market dropping in value? Are people panic selling him? Or is he simply just being undervalued.

My conclusion would say that even though the market is dropping slightly, he is around the same price as usual. This height in price was simply the card being overvalued instead. We then check the next card.

Next, we can look at Gameiro.

After analysing his price, I’ve come to the conclusion that his regular price is 2.2k by looking at previous days, and he has taken a hit down to 1.6k.

From here you can pick up a bulk of his card at a good price and then choose to sell him on when he regains value to his regular price. You will simply hold the card overnight and profits of 490 coins per card can be made. A full 100 transfer list is an extra 49k by the next morning!

This method doesn’t always work and I don’t recommend purchasing Gameiro tonight due to OTW packs being opened soon, however, this method will work afterwards and is great for making a few extra coins each night!

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