We all have seen plenty of trading, wether this is for TOTW link investing, or even players for SBCs, but if you want the fastest profit, then you need to learn how to flip players. Il likely make another guide on this discussing player flipping further, but for today we will focus on some basic player flipping to get you guys earning coins. This works pretty much whenever, so you’re able to do this almost all day, all year round, but it does take work!

First we need to know our target players…

We won’t be choosing any regular gold NIF cards first of all. We will however be choosing older special cards that are now out of packs and also have value as a player in a team.

For example, take a look at 83 Rated TOTW cards:

As we can see, these players are going for between 26-33k depending on rarity. This means that if we choose a player to trade with, we don’t want them to be in this range of players. They’re only being bought for the use of SBC fodder, and not being priced for how much they’re wanted in players teams.

Let’s take a look at a player like 87 Rated TOTW Anderson:

This card is a very wanted card, and is also a few weeks old. This makes him a prime player to look at…

Here is how his price changed over the last 3 days according to FUTBIN




We can clearly see that his price fluctuates a lot between the prices 245k-275k. If we note this down and look out for his price, we know that if we can pick him up for 245k or less and sell him for at least 270k, we’re making 11.5k+ per card.

We don’t want to buy tons of this card at 245k though, because we have to be able to sell them in the short time periods that the card is valued at 270k+

That is why I recommend buy 3 of a card at maximum before finding another player to look for.

Simply buy them at their low and look to keep listing at a price they will sell at.

We can take this another step further and look at live cards, including UCL Live and OTW cards, to see how they fluctuate:




This card fluctuated between around 140k-170k. If we keep searching throughout the day, at some point we will find this card at 140k, and then simply keep listing up for 170k until it sells (or higher if the price fluctuated very high). That would be 21.5k per card profit.

As you can see, there are some big profits to be made by simply watching prices throughout the day, and timing your purchases/sales.

This works best on special cards that are older and live cards because they fluctuate the most. Make sure you keep listing too. You also don’t always need to go for a max price sale. So with pique, you may choose to sell at 160k instead of 170k so that you can get back 10k instead of 20k and move into buying a new player to repeat the process.

This method is very simple but seriously underused. It does require looking at player prices for a bit but overall will return nice profits very often if you have the time!

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