Using Thursday rewards📈

Every single week the entire FUT community that has played FUT champions, Rivals or both receives a huge coin boost depending on their finish. Every single week people get richer and richer, meaning every week they are able to upgrade their teams from the reward income.

Now using this knowledge that the entire market gets a huge coin boost on the same day every single week, we prepare to take advantage of it.

When to buy?

The exact time to buy is not an easy answer to make due to the living organism that is the FUT market. It can react to anything in or outside of FUT, therefore it can fluctuate up and down like a seesaw every day or even hour!

Usually the best time to buy is Sunday/Monday when something we call “the weekend league sell off” happens. People sell their teams (often in fear of losing coins) as they no longer require them to compete for FUT champions.

However there can sometimes be better days to buy, recently it has been Tuesdays due to the TOTS SBC crashing the market every Tuesday. However these SBCs are now gone so it’s changed again! Using FUTBIN to see graphs on player prices and using any information you have for future SBCs or promos etc you have to make a choice on what day you feel is right to buy!

Example of a META player

Who to buy?

Who to buy is usually not that difficult to get right but is usually harder to find the ones who rise the most as it changes usually every week. Who to buy can be down to a lot of different factors! Who has dropped the most in the week? Who will have the most demand for the week? Who provides the best links for the week? There are lots of different things to look at!


Always go for META players as they will be your safest way of making sure you get profit EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I have left an example of a meta player above in the form of Mbappes gold card. Even this late in the game he is still considered a META player! Meta players are players often used by the majority of FUT players because they fit the “Meta” of the game and are useable.

Example – for a Striker people look for usually someone with pace and good shooting. You can expand on this as the game progresses they will look for better dribbling, 5 star skill moves and week foot, strength and height. To find Meta players usually FUTBIN is another great tool to use and you can easily find players everyone is talking about or wants in their teams!

Example of a META player

Using links

Using Links to your advantage on who to choose to buy for reward flipping can often be the key to success for flipping. This can come down to new SBC cards being released to RED player picks that could be picked often weekend league rewards.

If a new SBC card comes on the game that is extremely useable and good value for example Lozanos new FUTTIES card, links will rise nicely after rewards as people often complete cards from untradeable rewards they get. Make sure to stay meta for the links!

Red player picks are a hard one to call, you obviously wouldn’t buy to link a Messi as he will rarely be packed and is to expensive to consider for this method. Players that are in the mid range for that TOTW but are also useable are the ones to focus on. Example is when Robertson received an inform VVD rose in price due to the links and meta stats he provides. Players get a player pick and will look to get them into their teams by buying links around them that are meta players

Recent meta link

Using the graphs

Using FUTBIN will be your tool for success. If used properly to accurately pinpoint the low fluctuation of a players price you can make a lot of coins. Make sure to check the players price and if it has dropped a lot compared to his previous Thursday-friday price pick it up and sell on after rewards!

Example below is a low point in a players fluctuation, he has previously been 1.7m and as low as 1.6. This is literally just an example of a price movement but it also shows you this player isn’t worth using as the fluctuation/ Tax deduction isn’t worth it! I’d personally stick to players in the 100k-500k range to avoid massive taxes so this is just an example! Look at the players daily graphs and check if he is low enough on the Sunday-Monday compared to what he was on Thursday-Friday and make the decision if its worth buying!

When to sell?

When to sell is another tricky question! Usually I sell on Friday evening UK time, however it’s not always that simple! The day can depend on certain situations and who you buy.

If there is a promo running for example the FUT Future stars promotion, you can happily wait to squeeze out more profit on the Friday knowing that the promotion will end on Friday 6pm and there will be no panic selling to come!

If there is no promotion running and it’s been at least 2 full weeks without a promotion I would sell before Friday 6pm unless you have reason to believe nothing is coming.

Make sure to keep checking players prices during Thursday-Friday and if they are up enough to make you an amount of profit you’re happy with always take the money!

Note you can also sell Saturdays but I prefer to get out Friday evening latest to take the profit while its there and use the coins to trade during the day!

Never be afraid to fail and learn to adapt to anything that doesn’t work!

Try, try and try again! Practice makes perfect and the more you do it the better you will become! Using this guide and the tips of the many expert traders on this website and twitter you can taught to make MILLIONS! EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK! If you have never heard of me before or would like to follow my free tips I’ll leave my Twitter below!

Thank you for reading and I hope it helps you in FIFA 19 onto FIFA 20! ❤️

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