UCL MM has been a very big earner for traders so far in FIFA20 and was VERY profitable during FIFA19.
Today im going to run through my choices for UCL MM on 22/10 (22nd october to all you americans)

looking at the games the ones that stand out are :

Atleti Vs Bayern Leverkusen
Ajax Vs Chelsea
Inter Vs Dortmund

Now ive selected the first 2 games that i mentioned as Inter were in the last UCL MM and also a requirement in a recent sbc set, so i cant see it including Inter again so soon.

My Choices

As you can see in the picture above, i have chosen the prices that i would look to pick these players up at during rewards on Thursday..
Bidding would be best as you can then leave up to 50 players in your Transfer Targets list rather than clogging up your Transfer List (see below picture)

Like i said at the beginning of the post these 2 games are “MY” choices and they could be wrong.. but as long as you sell in the hype, you will always make profit.

I hope this little guide has helped you, if so my social channels are linked below, including my website and my patreon that is already rolling in alot of profit, and a good few people have joined the patreon from reading these articles

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