So with the TOTW SBC ending on Wednesday and the talk of an icon SBC incoming, i have told my discord to invest in IFs.
84+ IFs to me at <20k are a win win situation

The only thing that could backfire is if EA release all of the special cards into packs, which they wont as we arent even half way through batch 2!!

A Few Of The 84+ Investments

If Icon SBCs are released there is a possibility EA could ask for the TOTW/TOTS requirement that we have seen in the past, but then it leaves it down to chemistry as to how much the IF market will fluctuate.

The lower the chem the more cheap TOTS that you could use, the higher the chem the more likely you would be to use specific TOTW cards as they will have better links than say a cheap saudi 89 rated.

I cant see EA putting a stupidly low chem rating as we all know EA are an extremely greedy company and they want to bleed us dry before we have an ounce of fun!

Some Of My Favourite Pick Ups

Go out and pick up 84+ IFs and if you can get them <20k for the 84s and some 85s <22k you will be laughing all the way to the bank!!

Feel free to jump into my discord which is free for the rest of FIFA19 (link below)
Or follow My Twitter where i will post alot of my investments.

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