UCL SBCs end tonight but the UCL continues. We have plenty of items still yet to release but we haven’t seen them yet…

We still have a few cards with huge potential to be SBCs


UCL Live Item

UCL League SBC

Whilst we don’t know if they will be SBCs, when they’re going to be released or really anything about them, we can make some guesses.

Given that these cards will likely have significant rating increases (excluding the live items but they have the potential to rise multiple ratings)

Without going into huge details, two requirements that we could see include UCL Cards and a good rating. As a result of these I’ve gone all out and purchased lots of the cheapest UCL cards on the market, as well as plenty of the cheapest 83 rated players.

This is a high risk investment and could end in losing a lot of coins but could end up bringing in huge returns too. Also you must be carful as you may be holding these cards for a long time, or for a pretty short time. Only time will tell…

Cheapest 83s

You can find UCL players using the special card type filter.

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Bobby4tweets · October 5, 2018 at 4:27 pm

Too much risk this.

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