Taking a look at some of our investments, we can see that they’re performing very well with price increases all around. If you didn’t buy into any of these, don’t worry, there will always be plenty of investments to make, week in, week out.

Before we get into that though, we’ve been given a new clue towards the new mystery event that EA have been trading for the last 24 hours:

This new card design tells us that this is not only not Winter Upgrades, but it isn’t Record Breakers, or even OTW cards. Instead, they have an extremely similar design to that of the Path to Glory Cards we saw in previous years:

What happens from here, I guess we will find out on the 18th.

Taking a look at our investments, we can see that plenty of players have already began to increase, with Nainggolan being recommended at 10k/20k on XB1/PS4, he is now sitting at this price:

As we can see, he is up 7k on XB1 and 5k on PS4, and I believe that sell time will be on Thursday afternoon/late night.

The reason for this increase is that players are looking for a strong link to their new Vrsaljko RB Card, and need a good player in their teams to give him full chem in the Weekend League.

Next up is Meunier, who is currently still sat at an acceptable price of 75k on both consoles

I believe that this player will begin to rise in value when TOTW is announced, due to many players unsure if Draxler or Marquinhos (or even both) will make it into TOTW. This rise will continue into Thursday where we will be selling.

Up 10k on XB1 and up 15k on PS4, and still rising, I will likely be selling on Wednesday after the announcement of TOTW at 18:00 GMT. This is because players are looking to link Bailly to De Gea but when people suddenly cant afford De Gea, I can imagine lots of panic selling when Bailly has more supply than demand when it comes to linking to DDG. Because of that, selling on Wednesday night, any time after TOTW announcement is very much advisable, for guaranteed profit.

Almost up 20k on both consoles, this was another fantastic pick, we’re looking to sell at the same time as Nainggolan, on Thursday afternoon/night as players are looking for a strong link to their new RB Vrsaljko Card.

This week, we’ve made great investments all around, Valencia is the perfect RB to link to Bailly, who links to De Gea, and is already nearing double his price when we invested (not quite though!) this was a much better pick than I had imagined. Look to sell on Wednesday night once people are buying up for the DDG link. Same reasons apply to Valencia as they did to Bailly.

I’m not looking to make any new long term investments tonight, instead I’m simply holding the current ones, waiting for tomorrow and Thursday to make some sales. We will likely look at some trading methods over the next couple days + trading alongside the new upcoming mystery event once it drops.

For now, I will be picking up current TOTW players ready to sell once out of packs tomorrow.

I like the look of both Fraser and Arthur right now as they’re in huge demand for current SBCs. Once out of packs they should continue up in value as very few people will be stocked up on these cards due to their prices, however they’re still in all of FUTBINs cheapest solutions, meaning players will continue buying even when the new TOTW drops. Look to sell tomorrow (Wednesday) night after TOTW 18. If you want to hold one of each of these in the club, they will potentially go close to extinct in a couple weeks time as players continue to overpay on these cards.

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