Batch 2 of special cards is finally here! Now that we have them, we can see what we should be picking up…

If you haven’t seen the full list of players yet either, check them out here: Batch 2 Players

Looking at the market, it seems as though everyone is packing themselves plenty of these new special cards, and due to having very little demand for people’s teams, they’re going straight onto the market with no regard for their value.

This is great news for investors however, as when things get too cheap, they always rebound with a bit of time.

Here are a few players that are simply too cheap for their rating:

As you can see, these are all players that are back in packs for FUTTIES.

Today makes for a great day to buy, however there hasn’t been a ton of supply. Thursday Rewards is tomorrow and there is no reason for anyone to be saving packs, meaning that we can expect a serious influx of these special cards throughout Thursday afternoon. This is the best buy time

You likely won’t be able to sell very quickly. People will only start buying these cards when they need them. This means we will have to wait for some relevant SBCs to come along and push those prices up.

We should see SBCs dropping almost daily that require rating and so very slowly, we will see these cards rise in price. This should take roughly 1 week, so it could very much be worth selling on Wednesday 24th July or maybe even holding for a little longer than that, closer to the 2 week mark.

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