With Thursday rewards dropping tomorrow, we have a couple of players I’m interested in picking up, as last minute investments for EPL POTM.

The first being high rated TOTWs… Stuani is mad cheap for an 86, under 35k, although il be aiming for 30k

If you’re still looking to pick up some EPL TOTWs, there’s more options than you think…

The first of these is Deulofeu. Whilst he is up in price, he’s still cheap and usable.

I prefer the Zaha option though as not only is he an EPL TOTW, he is also very usable, and plenty of players will want to buy this card for their teams during rewards.

Not only this but being an Irish Card gives the possibility of rising for Saint Patrick’s Day

With a new TOTW dropping today Sigurdsson’s first TOTW has dropped in value as players that owned his card sold him off.

Not only is he cheap, but he’s also very rare, meaning he should be rebounding very quickly. I wouldn’t pay more than 25k though for them.

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