As predicted, we’ve seen a slight dip in prices on a lot of players for TOTW 2 and more users spending money on points and opening packs.

This is great for us traders as it means it lowers the price of a few OTW Investments temporarily, which means we have a window to get in some investments, for a quick overnight flip.

The way players invest for OTW is by purchasing the NIF version of the card before it is released as a OTW version. When the OTW is in packs, it means the NIF is out, and as a result of regular demand but no new supply, prices go up throughout the week.

Whilst some players are guessing which cards will and won’t be in the OTW team, we already have confirmation of 3 players, given to us by EA when advertising the return of OTW:

As we can see, Goretzka, Lemar and Ronaldo have almost certainly secured a spot in the team. This however, does not mean they will make it for certain, which we will talk about shortly.

You may notice that Goretzka is a different rating here, and that is simply due to EA making final minute adjustments to player ratings before the release of the game, but after this image was shown to us, so despite it looking like it could be fake, is in fact real

This means that on Thursday, plenty of last minute investors will be picking up their Goretzka and Lemar NIF cards before they’re out of packs, pushing prices up. We are planning to sell back to these late investors for guaranteed profit.

Essentially, we buy early, and sell back to other late investors when they buy the cards late. The reason we won’t be holding onto them throughout the team being released is because if everyone is planning to do the same and sell at the same time, we will see the price lower instead of raise like expected (this would also open up another opportunity to invest in them to flip them once more). Alternatively, whilst unlikely, they may not make the OTW team and then we will see a huge crash in their prices, which is why we will sell early.

This drop in price is mainly seen on XB1 with PS4 only rising. This makes it much riskier on PS4 but will still be possible if you can either snipe/bid on a cheaper price than what they currently are (Goretzka for 38k and under, Lemar for 13.5k and under), then you will be safe. The profit margin should be larger for XB1 on this one though.

My investments are the following:

Goretzka – 35,250 (x3)

Lemar – 11,250 (x6)

My planned selling time is Thursday 27th September at around 12:00 GMT – 15:00 GMT, however il be on the lookout for any times that the price seems to be higher than expected

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