Today has been a huge surprise! Not because of fantastic content, new players or other fresh new ideas by EA, but instead because we had no content drop today!

Whilst this is somewhat disappointing to find out, we can’t really complain at the masses of content we have received over the last few days, including the likes of:

  • TOTY Main Team
  • Fan Vote TOTY Neymar
  • TOTY Nominee Silva
  • TOTY Nominee Bale
  • TOTY Nominee Vrsaljko
  • FlashBack Casillas
  • FlashBack Ibrahimovic
  • Icon Stoichkov
  • Icon Best
  • Icon Shevchenko
  • Daily TOTY SBCs
  • League Upgrades
  • 82+ Upgrade
  • +Anything else I forgot

So when it’s laid out like this then you can see just how much we’ve really had recently

With that said, there’s less to talk about today but still plenty to get in on. The first of which is that today and tomorrow is Buy time on Skrniar cards, including his regular gold card. Other buys include his TOTW and UCL card.

You’re looking to pay around 12k on his NIF and 42k or under on his special cards on XB1, which is exactly the same on PS4, except for his TOTW which you should aim for 45k and under on for PS4.

When it comes to Nainggolan, we’re not bothering with his special cards because they’re too expensive and in high supply to see any huge price rises. Maybe his UCL rises but as a % increase, you’re better off with his NIF. Buy at the following prices shown for XB1 and PS4 respectively:

TOTW is looking like is won’t be all that great this week, which is bad for us as there are less investments to make. One player that could make it in is Williams

His 2G could be enough to get a TOTW with so many other poor performances. Great links to this card at a reasonable price are as follows:

Isco is one of the few players that provides a great player that links without a stupid price tag too. I can see too much of a rise on this card though unfortunately.

De Gea will be available to many players at a much more affordable price and will be packed by plenty. This card will make it into many squads and offers some very easy to make investments

A perfect meta strong link to De Gea is almost certain and at 110k on both consoles, is also a fantastic price

Valencia is the cheapest he has ever been at 4.9k on XB1 and 4.6k PS4, players will more than like create a meta trio in their squads consisting on De Gea, Bailly and Valencia

There are still plenty of players that could be bought as link investments but we will wait for some better player predictions made by the users that are much better at predicting these things.

The final thing I want to mention is the OTW Winter Promo coming up soon. Without going into massive details yet, ALL OTW cards hit 40k+ due to available SBCs needing them. Hype for these SBCs will ensue soon as the promo begins on the 1st of February.

I expect all of these to reach the range of 35k as we get to the end of the month so storing one of each is very advisable

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