So it looks like our 84 Rated TOTWs have done great things for us, and now they’re all heavily up in value!

Right now, you can start to sell up on these cards as they will continue to rise but pretty slowly. Each of these players is up almost 5k a card or more, which is simply insane.

Personally, I will continue to hold them as I have another 1.7m coins to invest with and am not desperate to get those coins back from those cards right away.

Whilst there are certainly no “major” investments to go all in on right now, there are certainly some great ones we can be making…

A recent promo, Headliners, has given us a Trading opportunity that people don’t seem to be capitalised on as of yet. Now out of packs, these cards act no different to regular OTW cards, except they’re high rated and very cheap. It won’t take very long before some of these cards will get very expensive.

For example, Sunday 10th at 16:00 GMT, LOSC Lille play last place in the league meaning that Pepe could have a seriously good shot at getting an upgrade

That is why I’ve picked up some of his card already.

What il be doing is creating a game schedule showing off every player, as well as some details on each player so we know who to invest in directly.

It’s not only these live cards that are worth looking at though, as RTTF cards (UCL Live) have been on the rise for the last few days now, but it could be time to pull the trigger and buy into cards that have the higher probability of winning

Tuesday 12th

Roma v Porto, Roma have been given the better odds, and so getting in on Florenzi could be a good idea

He is already up around 50k however you can easily keep watching out for a good deal.

Man U v PSG also happens on this date, and it’s much closer odds between the two, but Man U has been given the better odds

The overall plan is to get invested in some of these cards and to sell BEFORE they play their games, but this is only if you can get in on a good deal.

If you’re feeling like a bit more of a risk taker however, here are some games where one team has much better odds of winning the game. What you will want to do is pick up these cards now and sell whenever their team scores

What we are doing now is playing a bit of a waiting game, for either another new promo, or some kind of SBC, such as FlashBack players, where they have great value, but only link to a few other players, making link investments much better

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