So today is the day we should see either Fred or Sanches Futties card released, so this morning i have cross invested to show that even on the day of the SBC we can still make a good profit even with the hype surrounding it.

50k spent @ 10am today BST

As you can see from the picture above i’ve gone in on Portugal and Brazil players (with Raffael covering both bases being bundes and Brazilian) and ive only spent 50k which i would say is very low budget.

I could have bought these players a lot cheaper a few days ago but for the purpose of this post i want to show you that on the same day we can still profit from incoming SBCs.

I will be uploading the full Youtube video tonight with the full extent of how much we make (or god forbid lose) so you will be able to follow exactly what i do along the way.

For all trading tips join my Discord that is FREE for the remainder on FIFA19

Get out and get investing guys!!!
& look out for tonight’s Youtube video!!

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