Im not the type to make risky investments, however I do know that some of my followers absolutely are the type.

Risky investments that pay off should come with huge rewards as a result. Should things go wrong however and you could be looking as massive losses…

EA confirmed that TOTW 41 will be the final team of the week to drop until August 14th, which is another 1.5 months away!

This opens up for some investments.

If this really is the final TOTW, then there will no longer be any supply. Despite many saying that the game is dead, there are still tons of players looking to complete Icon SBCs each day, which eats away at the remaining supply of higher rated or higher chem TOTW cards.

We’ve seen this already with a lack of higher rated and good chem link cards:

Cards that should be cheap are sitting far away from discard value.

What his means is that you should look to buy current TOTW 41 players before they go out of packs, as these cards are the cheapest available whilst being supplied and look to sell during the drought of TOTW cards.

Anything 75 Rated+ will likely be rising as a result of no TOTW cards.

Why is this a risk?

Notice the wording from EA and their Tweet?

“Come back next Wednesday to see what we’re releasing instead 😉”

EA could release pretty much anything. This includes old TOTW cards. If they do this, then the supply of higher rated and better chem TOTW cards means that the currently inflated ones will drop in value.

So you’re essentially banking on the one variable.

If EA release any kind of TOTW cards then the investment fails, but if not then it succeeds massively. It’s pretty much a 50/50 if you want to invest.

If you’re not a risky investor however, there are still options for you:

Plenty of TOTW cards are still discard value, meaning that you can only lose a few coins on each card.

They also may rise significantly too. EA could potentially be dropping 84+ TOTW player packs soon, which will likely require any TOTW card. If this is the case, we could see some cards rising nicely as players look to complete the 84+ TOTW SBC.

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