If you’ve seen my tweets lately, you will know that I’ve joked around with the fact that I’m “Unassigned” which is where you l store more investments than what you usually should be able to hold. As a result of being Unassigned, you can’t open any packs, you can’t buy players from the market on the web app, you can only bid on the web app, and if you buy a player on console, you can’t list them…

With all that said, we’re still looking to make coins off of the cards we’re holding. For those wondering what cards I’m holding, instead of going back and reading the reasons for the pick up, I can simply say I’ve gone heavily on 86 Rated players, however 86-88 is also a good buy

Anything under 17k is a good buy, but if you can get it cheaper then seriously do. These players fluctuate up to 17k if they ever drop below. For example, yesterday Verratti dropped to below 16k for a couple hours yesterday, for no real reason.

And like I said, these players fluctuate, and so he will (like he has now) bounce back up to 17k. This happens with almost of these players.

How do we make coins whilst unassigned?

We’re going back to the classic, as we’re making some lazy buyer sales whilst we wait for the potential onslaught of SBC possibilities we could review tonight…

Here is exactly how you can get yourself some lazy buyers:

1. Check the current buy now of a player and list for the right prices

A great trick to maxing our your sales is to get more smaller sales than a bigger sale. You just aren’t going to get yourself a big sale, at least not for a long time. This is why I recommend listing up the “cheaper” 86 rated players for between 18k and 20k. The cheaper 86s are the guys that you can consistently pick up under 17k. If you can pick them up for 17k and sometimes they’re in very low supply at that price, list up between 19k and 21k. For 87 Rated players and 88 Rated players, simply add between 2.5-5k on top of their price

2. Don’t half-ass listings

When it comes to listing, you want to use my patent pending (not really) lazy buyer method. The big rule is DO NO RELIST ALL. If you relist all, then all cards go up at the same time and all cards expire at the same time. Lazy buyers make purchases in the last 30 seconds of a card being listed. So if we have all our cards in their last 30 seconds at the same time, we only ever see a total of a 30 second opportunity for lazy buyers to see or cards. If we list each player individually however, we can wait between 5-10 seconds per listing and so the overall time between the first and last card listed (on 100 cards) is a total of 12 minutes and 30 seconds. That is 25 times longer that you will have cards in the last 30 seconds of expiring, increasing sales significantly. You genuinely will notice a huge increase in sales.

3. Purchase the right cards

When you make a sale, go ahead and buy another card ready to list. Don’t just rush a purchase though, shop around for a card you can sell quicker. You have an entire hour to look for 2-3 cards to replace your sales. That’s plenty of time to get sniping cards. I highly recommend rotating between players. You will eventually find a listing for one of the cards that is 1k or so below the lowest buy now. This can sit on the market for up to a minute sometimes as snipers tend to be sniping much lower than the small undercuts on the market. For every coin you save on a purchase, you’re actually making as a result of the sale.

A 20k sale gives back 19k after tax. If you bought for 17k, you net 2k. If you get yourself a deal at 16.5k then you met yourself 2.5k.

Not only that but you can increase sales slightly by purchases that include a chem style already. So many people will list their cards at the same price as the cards with a basic chem style, so look out for these cards, even if it’s a worthless chem style.

4. Consistency

There is no point making a single listing and getting 2-3 sales in a day. You need to be going back onto the game or companion app and relist players every hour. It doesn’t take long and will give you sales each time. You can easily do this 8 times in a day and if will give you back up to 25+ sales in a day. Whilst this isn’t much, making 1-2k per card, you’re looking at up to 50k a day from very little work, which is still more than most people make a day anyway. With extra consistency, you can bump these numbers up even higher.

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