Before we get into this guide fully, I’d like to say that yesterday was a huge success. I put 870k into TOTW cards for 10,000 coins and under, as well as a few for 10,250. Selling all of these for 11,500 proved to be slightly difficult, with a few selling every hour. As a result, I undercut down to 11,250 and continued to make only a few sales an hour, and so undercut once more to 11k. Sales ranged from 10,450-10,925 coins for a profit of 200-1,225 coins per card, over around 87 cards. Whilst I don’t have an exact profit, I believe I ended up making 45-50k overnight, which from an 870k investment, gave out 5.5% profit, when I had predicted between 4-9%. Whilst this is towards the lower end, 5.5% overnight profit is a great success. I plan to repeat this method again tonight, aiming for 10k and under only. Instead of putting 870k into it tonight however, il be placing a much larger 1.5m into this. I believe that tonight’s turnover will be between 2.1% (unlikely), 4.5% (likely) and 9.25% (unlikely).

If you are yet to read up on this method, I highly recommend that you read it here

If this investing isn’t for you, I’m also looking at a few other cards that will be pulling profit very soon.

The first of these cards is Pacheco

Whilst not quite discard, he also has no reason to hit this low. The easiest type of card to fit into an SBC solution due to being Spanish from La Liga, without a doubt this card will be in plenty of those solutions. Let’s take a look at the prices of 82 rated TOTW cards

2k coins cheaper than 82 rated players with bad links and 4k cheaper than Costil, the most similar card to him.

Without a doubt this guy will rise in price, especially a few days after going out of packs. That is why I’d recommend picking him up for 12k and under between tonight and Wednesday morning.

Remember that on players like this, the longer you hold, the more profit you will make

Similar to this card is De La Bella and Eggstein who will be rising very quickly due to a good rating, good links and mostly for a great position when it comes to fitting them into a high chem team. Definitely not players you want to pass up on. Don’t pay more than 11k on these guys!

This next card is an interesting one, and to my surprise hasn’t really been talked about all that much.

Lala is a SIF (Second Inform) Player which means that his stat upgrades are going to be very desirable. A card like his is definitely going to be a well used card in the Weekend league. I think that 26.5/27k is a bit too steep of a price and so I would look for 25.5k on XB1 and 26k on PS4.

I believe that buy Day for this card is Tuesday after 18:00 GMT when we are likely to see some promo packs. Sell time on this card will be Thursday at 19:30 GMT after rewards where plenty of players will be picking up his card for their teams. I think we can make some nice profit on this card so it could be very worth while picking up a few. I think that he could rise up to around 29-30k pretty quickly.

What will help with his price is not only his stats, but his rating too. Being 84 rated with great Ligue 1 links in a great position, makes him already a half decent choice for SBCs. Whilst he is unlikely to be found in solutions because his price tag is higher, the threshold for 84 Rated TOTW cards means that he is extremely unlikely to drop even as low as 24k so the risk on this card is surprisingly very low. Just take a look at the cheaper 84s

This also makes a good time to talk about these two 84 Rated TOTW cards:

In packs now, and about to go, simply means a price rise. If you’re willing to wait 2-3 weeks, you’re looking at 28k on each of these cards. If you’re looking to hold shorter term, expect to make 2-4k per card after rewards on Thursday.

Pickford for 30k or less is a great shout, with POTM coming soon, I think a lot of players will hype this card up and your looking at potentially 35-37k sales on him.

Higher tier TOTW cards Im avoiding unless they suddenly drop to a nice price, which you will be sure to hear about, because I think these will follow the same pattern as Lukaku, getting closer and closer to BF. Whilst they are limited supply cards, players like these will continue to drop anywhere as more panic and chaos occurs on the market.

One major problem currently is that we are getting closer to Black Friday. As a result of this, prices in general begin to drop and so long term investments end up collapsing due to lots of holders and a lack of any serious price rises. Because of this, I’ve suggested a lot of shorter term investments, with the odd longer term one in there.

Another problem is that Gold cards take the biggest hit. Because of this, I’m using more special cards to trade with short term as it means that whilst we make less coins on each trade, we’re able to create way more trades and so more profit, by not maximising the profit we make on each card as an individual investment.

If you don’t have 1 of each of these players say in your club now, il be very disappointed!

Here is why:

I believe that some of these cards will gain some serious value, especially if we get any stats 95 Rated or higher, due to lots of buyers for the WL. They’re all extremely safe investments too, so there is no reason you should have one of these. An exception to this is Dost who could drop a bit if his stat changes are awful, but he also has potential to rise a ton more than other players.

In the case that we see Ultimate Scream Guaranteed SBCs, these guys could double in price anyway, so it’s a win win on them!

A big card I pointed outa few days ago is Ultimate Scream Pepe. Once out of packing in 2 days time, he will only be on his way up. He is the cheapest 86 rated card currently, and being a limited supply card means that he will go up from a lack of supply too, like other cards. The only difference here is that he is already way too cheap. Along with stat boosts, this is a for sure profit investment. If you keep checking his price, you can definitely pick him up for 16.5-17.5k. We could be seeing up to 24k per card not too long after he is out of packs. This isn’t a confirmed number, as he could simply rise to just 19k, but either way this card is without a doubt profit. Il be buying him during rewards, sniping a few go see if I can get them even cheaper!

The final thing I want to talk about is a different one, and that is the Koke SBC which was released today.

This card will set you back around 50k if you plan to complete him right now, however if you’re able to snipe some of these players during rewards, or if you have a few Untradable cards and can get it down to 35k (which will likely be very possible due to amount of packs that will be opened during next weeks TOTW, which is set to be the best one yet), then he is a must pick up card.

Similarly to Pepe, Koke has value as a card to be used in SBCs in the future. 86 rated and great links already values him at over 20k for this card, saving yourself this payment in the future and opening up a few new possible SBC solutions. On top of that, you will receive a 35k and 45k pack too, which will return roughly a minimum of 20k coins, however it’s much more likely to be closer to 25-30k, with that number being much higher if you pull a better player, or even a discard TOTW.

That makes this SBC very worth doing, however I won’t be completing this until Thursday rewards where I will snipe all the players needed to minimise all the costs!

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