So as you guys already know, I’m all in on 81 Rated TOTW cards. It’s worth mentioning that we could be seeing some cool new stuff throughout TOTGS, but we have no clue how this will pan out. Here are some of my thoughts on what will potentially drop:

So as you can see, things will likely get pretty busy tomorrow at 18:00 GMT, and we will have to analyse this further once we know what is happening. In the situation that TOTW cards are needed, we could potentially be making bank anyway, and so will likely sell up during this period.

If you have any cheap UCL cards, I would recommend selling them now as they’re very much hyped up currently and prices are up all around. That isn’t to say you can’t risk it however and hold onto them, given we have had plenty of supply, but not all that much in terms of demand. They also recently received a price range increase which is strange when they should really be dropping in price, and so it’s been heavily predicted that they will be needed and rise in price. I personally will take the risk and hold as I got my UCL cards very cheap and just held onto them.

If you read yesterday’s update, you will know that I recommended selling to lazy buyers whilst we have a full transfer list, and what I noticed, is that old TOTW cards sell much more often than the new ones, and so I highly recommend listing them up rather than current players. Cards you’re likely to come across are these guys:

They all sell for 14k+ quite often so it’s worth listing as many of these cards as possible, picking them up for 12.5k and under.

As for the new 81 Rated TOTWs, look to pay 12k and under for these ones:

And 12.5k for the others available. You can list these up but getting lazy buyer is much more difficult.

Other avenues worth looking into is buying players from teams in the UCL, especially if you can get between 80-82 rated or from the LB/RB/LM/RM positions, as these cards may be useful for SBCs come tomorrow for TOTGS

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