We’ve seen plenty of hype for the first official access to the FIFA 19 Market. Those most excited are the traders looking to make big winnings this year. We’ve seen plenty of talk about different OP players, starter teams, a few trading methods here and there, but we haven’t had that much talk about the overall market.

This guide will take you through my predictions of how the market will react, day by day, including plenty of explanation to help you understand why the market is affected in the way that it is…


19th: Market Unstable – Bid/Snipe

20th: Market Unstable – Bid/Snipe (Will Be Easy)

21st: Market Unstable – Bid/Snipe (Will Be Difficult)

22nd-24th: Market Rising – Bid/Snipe/Sell Club

25th: Market Falling – Bid/Snip/Sell Club

26th-27th: Market Falling – Bid/Snipe/Do SBCs

28th: Market Stable – Buy Buy Buy!

29th+: Market Rising – Sell Sell Sell!

(In depth explanations for these below!)

Day 1 (19th):

The 19th is the release of the FIFA 19 Web App, and we can be sure that plenty of users will be rushing to get online.

When you initially log in, you will have to go through a few steps to set up your Ultimate Team, including the initial badge and what kind of starter pack you’re after. Once you pass this section, almost every player will receive plenty of “Loyalty Packs”

Loyalty packs are awarded to the loyal FIFA players. This includes everyone that has played at least 1 match on any year of FIFA Ultimate Team. These packs are completely random, so you may receive more or less than your friends, despite having a longer play time

These packs are tradable! That means that there will be an initial flooding of players onto the market. This doesn’t mean that player prices are any good though, as many higher rated players will not be packed and even the lower rated ones won’t have a huge supply available. Higher rated players on bid however are a fantastic investment, as they will have very cheap price tags despite having lots of value to players! Players will continue to log in throughout the rest of the day to claim their packs and list onto the market.

Not only this, but day 1 will see a large portion of these players completing manager tasks and the easiest SBCs, resulting in a small influx of coins to spend. Some users will spend these coins on packs, and introduce more players to the game, whilst others will use these coins to begin trading (Recommended!)

Overall, I can see day 1 being very hectic, and so whilst at times, bidding and sniping players may be quite difficult, there will be other times where it can pay off.

Day 2 (20th):

10 hours of EA early access is granted to tons of players. This gives every single one of them a chance to add a ton of FIFA Points to their accounts and start opening up a load of packs. Player prices on lots of unwanted players will dip. Other cards however, such as fitness cards, valuable players and position changers, whilst packed often, will also be bought by a lot of players. A lot of players opening packs won’t bother listing a lot of cards they have but will list a few for extremely cheap prices, making sniping and bidding extremely effective on this day!

Players will begin to create relatively cheap teams. Depending on the pack weight of higher value players, we could see a lot of cards either go up or down in value. Personally I think they will go down due to the amount of packs that will be opened in comparison to the amount being bought.

Day 3 (21st):

More players will begin to create their starter squads and a whole lot less players will be opening packs, as they will have spent their points on Day 2. This means that player prices are in demand, and not being packed as often, so I can imagine that prices will only head up throughout Day 3. Wining bids and sniping will be much more difficult than that of Day 2 due to the lack in new cards being added to the market in comparison to Day 2 and the pack opening frenzy which will occur.

Day 4-6 (22nd-24th):

You can expect to see the trend of players being bought and not packed as often, with some players that are key to completing SBCs through common routes staying high in price. Be prepared to sell off anything and everything you hold within these days, with the exception of some extremely expensive top players, as the market is ready to get wild!

Day 7 (25th)

The Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition of FIFA 19 are released!

The Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition of FIFA 19 allow users 3 days early access to the game. This is a full release of the game with 100% game access with no limitations to the play time

This means it’s round 2 of Pack frenzy, meaning player prices will once again get lower and lower. You must sell off any final cards you hold today! Absolutely everything is only going in one direction and that is down!

This trend will continue for the next 3 days at least as players continue to purchase packs up until the full release of the Standard Edition of FIFA 19. A lot of players that buy the standard edition, are also those that prefer not to purchase FIFA points, and so won’t have as big of an impact to lowering the market prices, like those that bought the more expensive versions of the game.

Day 8-9 (26th-27th):

Like stated in day 7, players will continue to open packs and push player prices down. Some prices may wobble depending on YouTuber reviews, how OP a player is etc, but overall the market will lose value.

Day 10 (28th):

Today is certainly a day to buy players, as this will be a low point for most cards in the game. That isn’t to say they won’t go down further, dependant on the pack weight, but as a whole market, we won’t see prices this low for a couple weeks to come.

Day 11+ (29th Onwards):

Get selling! Few people are opening packs but everybody is building teams. Player values all round should be looking up as we get more and more players forking out their precious coins on players that will lose 90% of their value in a few months. From here, il be giving out plenty more trading tips so be sure to stay up to date with all my articles!

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