Week 2 of Marquee Matchups drops in 4 days time. Whilst it’s nice to prepare for them, we saw requirements that were extremely cheap and didn’t cause much change in the prices of players, however we should be able to make coins through this anyway…

Potential Games:

  • Bayern / M’gladbach (Bundesliga)
  • CSKA Moskva / Locomotive (Russian League)
  • AEK Athens / Olympiakos CFP (Hellas Liga)
  • PSG / OL (Ligue 1)

Whilst there are a ton more different avenues that MM could go down, these are fifa-analytics top picks for the MM.

What were last weeks requirements?

We saw plenty of brick slot chem requirments (needing either players from the leagues main nation, or from the exact team in the MM)

We also saw a requirment of 1 player from either club, giving players tons of choice on who to use.

The amount of players needed from the matches league were a min of 3.

Ratings of 74 and below were needed making non rare golds and bronze players the cards mainly used, along with the odd silver player that other would overpay for.

So what do we invest in?

Whilst I don’t recommend investing for MM due to very little profits on them, we can pick up a few players to sell in the hype of the release of the SBC.

When it comes to the hype of the SBCs there doesn’t tend to be all too much, however we can expect a few hundred coins off of each card.. here are some players I’d recommend picking up (only pick up 1 of each card, and store it to the club. You can use it for completing your own MM or to sell if they rise):

At most, you can expect 1,000 coins back on each card. An exception to this would be Sommer, that could return 1.3k maximum.

With Rafinha, he is a much larger risk player and will be a good choice only if the requibments need Chemistry and need a RB.

I can’t see these players being needed in particular, and instead will likely just need players from the league or nation.

Similar to the Russian League, I’d be picking up a few players from Hellas Liga over teams.


If you want to complete the MM for yourself, pick up 1-2 players from each team and also a few of the cheapest gold players inside the league, preferably with the leagues main nation. If possible find a rare gold for 650-700 coins in the league, and try to get CBs, CMs and STs as they’re very versatile for an SBC in each formation.

If you plan to invest to make coins passively, pick up a few players from each team, if possible, pick up silver players in those teams for 250 coins or less. On Thursday (October 4th), sell off these cards before 18:00 GMT (before 17:00 GMT is even better). You should see that the cheapest players from each team will rise a few hundred coins each.

Investing in MM isn’t the best use of your coins currently, as they could be invested in players for the Weekend League next week. We will see MM payout much better in the near future when the rewards are better and the challenge requirements are more focused on the teams themselves.

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