Hope you guys have an amazing day, if you’re looking to trade today, but want to spend time with the family, then this is for you, low effort, low budget easy coins!

I won’t go into huge details today…

Many players are looking to complete Icon SBCs (I have a small feeling that some players will treat themselves too!)

Not only that, but the SBC is worth completing. Using 11x Rare Silvers at a cost of 250 each on bid, which totals to 2,750 coins. The pack rewards returns 11 non-rare golds and a rare gold discards for 3,900 coins very minimum, but you will be getting back more, especially when you can sell players for an average of 500 coins, you should be looking at returns of over 6k. It’s small profit but it’s still profit, euthanasia chance of getting some big players too (I’ve seen a couple of followers pack TOTWs as well as UCL Douglas Costa!

So I recommend completing these. Some people know this already however overpay for their cards, and here’s how we can abuse this…

Set up the following filter:

Put down a 250 coin bid at most on 50 cards and let them expire. Simply mass list, undercutting the lowest seller. If you have to, list at minimum. The players from top 9 nations tend to sell for a little more than others.

List up 100 and leave them to sell. If they don’t, simply relist them. Most will sell in the first hour, with half selling in the first 30 minutes. You’re making small profits of around 25k+ an hour which isn’t amazing but with a small budget, is pretty impressive!

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