Today is the day we want to be buying up our TOTW investments. Before we do that though, EA pulled a fast one on us! They swapped over the dates for the Davies and Ndombele SBCs!

So let’s take a look into TOTW predictions:

Here are the most common themes between these…

The first of which is Goretzka, who we talked about in yesterday’s guide, however il reiterate the investment that is still available, and that is Boateng

Boateng is my favourite investment still, and I believe he will begin his rise very soon. Il be getting in on this investment ASAP if you haven’t already. I’m looking to pay 24k and under for both consoles

Another OTW card that has a good chance to make it in is Witsel

That makes Reus a pretty decent choice too, as he not only links to Witsel but also Goretzka too, and so we’re doubling up our chances to make some great profit on this card! One thing that I’m not so sure about however is that he is a LM and with the new Davies card being released, could dampen any profits on this card, which makes me much less confident.

There are two very big players on the line with this TOTW, and chances are that one or the other, or even both are making it this week. Those players are Mbappe and Cavani

An insane 9-0 win with both players netting 3 each puts them in high up positions to both get a striker TOTW card. Both cards being very high rated and usable, means that we will need some strong links to them…

One of the newer special cards comes in the form of Draxler who will be used at CAM in teams, linking up perfectly to either Cavani, Mbappe or both! Not only that, but going out of packs will do this card wonders as cards have been rising quite a bit once they go out of the current TOTW, each week. I also think that we could see some Bundesliga defence teams linking up perfectly with this card due to the German link he provides to the defence/midfield, when we have seen plenty of Bundesliga special cards that will make Bundesliga defences much more common. Take a look at all these new players in the past week:

So like we discussed, there is only 1 good CB option to link all of these together, meaning that Boateng takes top spot this week for the best investment, however we should be spreading out our investments in case something happens that causes this investment to drop.

That’s why I like the look of Draxler TOTW a lot, as well as Reus, simply because Reus at under 14k is way cheaper than was Davies could potentially be.

When the Alphonso Davies SBC drops, we’re hoping to also see Alaba drop in price too as players all list up their investments at once on the release of the SBC. What this means is that plenty of people are listing (lots of sudden supply to the market) and very few people are buying, due to not needing Alaba or not doing the SBC at all because they either don’t need a new LM card/the SBC is too expensive (no demand). Basic supply and demand tells us that lots of supply and no demand pushes prices down. Currently at a high of 19k, if you have this card, sell it now, as he’s very inflated. If he drops to 15k or under, get buying! He will only rebound back on Thursday and make us profit off of other players panicking!

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