The most consistent trading method

Some people say flipping is very hard, some say it’s not working and others don’t even know how it works…

I dont want to waste your time with reading anymore and explain you how to make daily profit with special card flipping!


Step 1: How do I start?

This is obviously not a low budget method, but 100k is enough to start with it! I personally recommend to have at least 500k to get the thing rolling.

Use the Futbin price range options and custom price ranges on the Player Page to find your personal budget!

Step 2: What cards are the best?

Basically, all cards are working, but there are 3 key things to look for.

  1. Rarity: There are many reasons why a card could be rare, low supply in general, released on an early stage of Fifa, was in packs for a short time and many more… The rarer the card, the greater the price fluctuations!

  2. Popularity: I used to flip non-meta cards, but I feel meta cards are way easier to flip! Meta cards are something to flip without much of fear, they have some high and lows over the day and you can get out on the high multiple times a day! Non-meta stuff has a greeter price fluctuation, but it’s also harder to sell!

  3. Time: This is probably the most important thing here, the right timing. You don’t try to flip a card at his high point. Low points are perfect, that’s the best timing to flip a card, but make sure its not a consistent downtrend from any other factor. Obviously, nobody can see the future and tell you when the low point has reached, but you can guess it from the graphs of the past days and a bit experience after 3-4 flips with the card. Important note: It doesn’t matter if its day or night, you can flip any hour! I love to go on bids during the night!


Step 3: How do I buy cards?

Bernardo Silva MOTM

This is an example of a possible flip. Bernardo Silva MOTM card is selling around 75k usually, but peaks over 80k and had 2 low points around the 70k mark.


Buying this card at 71k and selling at 83k (just a tiny bit lower to make sure it sells, but you should always try to get the most out of it!) = ~8k Profit



A few other examples to show the different types of budget, console, card and time:


Buy: under 500k

Sell: 560k+

Profit: 30k+

Roussillon TOTS 

Buy: 86k

Sell: 95k

Profit: ~5k

Aubameyang IF

Buy: 220k

Sell: 260+

Profit: 25k+

After getting an idea and feeling what a card is selling for and when to buy, you can do flips even without Futbin! I usually check my concept squads while waiting for the train and find around 1-2 deals each time.

Step 4: When do I sell?

I usually don’t wait longer than 1h to list them on the market. Listing straight after buying gets you the bonus of a lazy buyer and you don’t forget to sell the card because its stored somewhere in your club.

At the evening or the last listing, I put them on 6h or 12h for the night. That gives you the opportunity to sell a card while sleeping. Don’t forget to change it back to 1h the next morning!

Also make sure you are convinced with your selling price! Don’t get panic if someone is undercutting you, but also don’t believe in stronger rebound after bigger drop.

Keep these things in your mind while selling and it should help you getting more and faster profit!



Market check: Check the card on the market every time! Futbin is never 100% accurate with the prices and its definitely worth to check it on the market, you could get lucky and snipe a card!

WL sell-offs: The special card market usually has a smaller dip going from Sunday to Monday/Tuesday. If you are new into flipping and not sure if a card is working out or not, getting on the stuff during these days, it’s pretty safe, since they should rise on Thursday again. But be careful, holding a card for multiple days brings the risk of a drop from any new TOTW or SBC!

Overnights: If you are listing for the night, it’s very important to check the other overnight listings! If you see multiple cards below your target price, its likely not hitting it then. These other overnight listings have to sell before yours is selling and that’s quite tricky during the night. On top, everyone is going to list below these other overnight listings… If a card has only 1 overnight, it’s very likely to hit a higher price, but it’s not a guarantee! Any overnight listing above your target price isn’t much important for us.

Tech Avion: I don’t apply any chemistry styles on my cards, but if I get a card with hunter or shadow, I list it a bit higher. It’s not really Tech Avion like we know, but it’s the same idea of people paying more for a card with the chemistry style applied!

Bidding: You can also go on open bids and try to get cards at a good price! It doesn’t hurt doing it since you are already checking the card and maybe get lucky with a cheap price.

Icons: Icons are almost the same as the normal special cards. The only thing that is important to know, the tax level is usually a lot higher and you have to make good deals for any noticeable profit! I rather flip 10x 100k cards for 5k profit each than 1x 1m Icon for 30k profit…

Practice makes perfect: This trading method is a not the easiest to explain and also not the easiest to master, but my best advice is: practice! You obviously can’t learn it in 1 day, it takes some time and effort… Once you learned it, it’s like riding a bicycle!

If you still have any questions, feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram!

Thanks for reading this and I wish you all a happy flipping day!

Much Love, Weaver

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