UCL 2 Player Packs have in fact returned. If you went ahead and bought a ton of LB/RB/LM/RM players a few days ago, congrats, you have made absolute bank! You’re looking at around 200-250% profit on your cards making for one of the best investments of the year so far. The chance to do this once again will come around, don’t worry if you missed it, but be sure to jump on board with it next time, because the profits have been huge!

Now that’s out of the way, we’re here to talk about my two favourite day trading methods. Both of these methods are great for making profit with very little thinking required, you simply set it up and go, whilst also making great instant returns. One is low budget (1k-100k), and the other is high budget (100k-1m)

Let’s start by talking about the low budget method…

1. Low Budget

For the same reason I knew it was impossible to lose out on our LB/RB/LM/RM investment, we will be picking up these players however this time selling them instantly. You cannot lose out on these cards if they’re to be picked up at 350 coins, as they will always sell for 400 coins or higher, with the exception of when tons of promo packs are being opened, where it is simply a matter of waiting for them to pass for a few hours.

So how do we do it?

First of all, set up a filter like so:

  • Quality: Gold
  • Position: LB/RB/LM/RM/CB/Defender

Next, keep raising the “Buy Now Price” until you can see that there are only players in the 59th minute.

When I search at 550 max Buy Now, I see there are a few players underpriced. You can try to snipe these but they’re very competitive and plenty of other players are likely to get them first.

When I change the Max Buy Now to 600 I see a similar thing. At 700 coins we can see that the players are only on the market until the 56th minute, meaning that the card has been sat here for 4 minutes. Everything that’s been listed longer has sold

What we can do is plan to sell our cards for 700 here. We will work out how much we will get after tax by multiplying our sale price by 0.95

700 x 0.95 = 665

That means that if we win a card for 650 or lower and relist for 700 we will make profit. At 650 coins, were only making 15 coins per card, but winning lots of cards. At 350 coins we would make 315 coins per card but win very few. We need to find a middle ground. From here I will mass bid on players for 500 coins. That would give me profit of 165 coins per card whilst also managing to win a fair few.

Bidding is best done during promo packs at 18:00 GMT and you will find you can win them for the next 2 hours for as little as 350 coins.

All you want to do is win 100 cards and list them up for the price they sell at, in this case 700 coins. They will take 5-10 minutes to all sell. This is extremely passive trading, requires very little thinking and only needs you to bid on a load of players and list them up.

Bidding on too many cards in a short amount of time will result in a very short market ban, so don’t try to bid on more than 100 cards without giving a small break in between. This can make you upwards of 15k every time you sell 100. Theoretically, without any market bans, and being efficient (bidding whilst players are selling), could make you well over 50k an hour however the market bans will stop you from achieving this. None the less it makes a great low budget method, especially if you have a few coins left whilst the rest are in investments.

I recommend mass bidding at 19:00 GMT today on card as this is when a lot of the cards from packs opened for TOTW will begin to expire!

2. High Budget

I have talked about this method very briefly before but it didn’t get much traction due to me under-explaining it

When I’m not invested I like to trade up more coins, using the coins that I have. In almost every scenario, more coins means more profit to be made, in the sense that you can simply scale up your investments.

Let’s say you have a TOTW player worth 10k and he becomes 20k. If you have 10k to spend, then you can buy 1 and sell him for 20k. Congrats, you made 10k profit. But if you have 1M to spend, you can pick up 100 of the card and sell them for a total of 1M profit. You made the same investment, but scaled up 100x. That’s the idea behind this trading method.

One problem is that it doesn’t work when the current TOTW is sitting at 10k coins. They have to have some kind of value, even if it means that they’re just 12k. That means that this works well from Wednesday onwards for a couple days, or during any kind of promotion where SBCs are in place, especially if it needs TOTW cards. It also works when there is hype around TOTW cards, such as for FUTMAS, or if players in general are rising in price.

What we plan to do is snipe the low value TOTW cards for the lowest price that we can and resell them for their actual prices. This is slightly different to regular sniping due to the fact that we will be able to pick up every single TOTW card in the process, meaning we will be sniping around 138 card simultaneously (this is only an approximation, because there are some cards that can’t be listed this low, and some cards that aren’t TOTW but can still be picked up), and also we will have to find players out a list.

It works incredibly similarly to high value Icon sniping on a smaller scale, but it’s also much safer (you can’t make a loss) and consistent in terms of profiting.

To begin with, find out if TOTW players have value. Set up the following filter:

  • Quality: Special
  • Min Price: 10,000
  • Max Price: 15,000,000
  • Min Buy Now: 10,250
  • Max Buy Now: 11,000

(If you’re on Mobile, don’t enter a Max Price)

Scroll through the UCL players and look to see when the first 81+ TOTW card is (this is the card with the smallest expiration time on it)

As you can see here, the lowest expiration time is 34 minutes remaining. That means that it takes around 26 minutes to get a sale on that card

We can see that players at 11k and under are in fact selling (although they are taking a while to sell).

If this number was closer to 50 minutes remaining or higher, we would set our Sell price to 11k.

If you cannot find any TOTW cards, or they’re around 57 minutes remaining and higher, increase the “Max Buy Now” by 250 coins. Continue to do this until you see players selling at between the 50-55 minutes remaining mark.

This TOTW hasn’t been great for it because of how often they were packed during promo packs of the Scream Promo, and because the cards weren’t very valuable. This method has made me a lot of profit at the start of the week but not the middle or end. This method will continue to work again this week and we will see TOTW 5 players get more expensive once out of packs

Once we find the price in which 81+ TOTW cards are selling at within 10 minutes, we make this our target sell price. For this example, we will say that players are selling at 12k.

We need to once again take our target sell price and work out how much we will make back after tax on each card, by multiplying the sell price by 0.95

12,000 x 0.95 = 11,400

This means that we would need to buy cards for 11,250 coins or cheaper to make profit. And this number becomes our target buy price.

You now need to set up a buying filter like so on console:

  • Quality: Special
  • Min Price: 10,000
  • Max Price: 15,000,000
  • Min Buy Now: 10,000
  • Max Buy Now: *Target Buy Price* (11,250)

Or if you’re on mobile:

  • Quality: Special
  • Min Price: 9,900
  • Max Price: Leave Empty
  • Min Buy Now: 10,000
  • Max Buy Now: *Target Buy Price* (11,250)

Simply hit search and scroll to the 59th minute. If you see any 81+ TOTW Players simply buy it and relist it for your target sell price.

Every time you search the market, like sniping, you will need to refresh the market. On console, change the Max Price down 1 every search, and on Mobile, change the min price down 1 every search.

This works very well because you will have a lot of players listed up often and will be able to find 1-5 cards per minute. You will also be making between 150-1,400 coins per card. As a result you could make up to 7k in as little as a minute, but sometimes only make 150 coins in the minute.

This method also opens up to the possibility of sniping other cards such as old TOTW cards that are now worth 15-20k+. You will win these often as very few people are searching up old cards to snipe, but you will still see them. Any player that isn’t in the current TOTW that you buy, make sure you’re checking their value before listing up for your target sell price, as you can usually make a few thousand coins extra.

You won’t get instant sales on all your cards but you will see them within 15 minutes so keep buying and listing. This is why you will need a higher budget, as you can win plenty of cards whilst listing them up, and after a while will be seeing profit made consistently each minute. It takes much longer to receive a ban and I have managed to do this for up to 2 hours before getting any kind of ban, due to not spamming the market with search requests.

This method will work much better 20:00 GMT onwards for the week

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