Whilst the day to day trading has become relatively boring, and the day to day trading has become dead, I have decided it’s time to adopt a longer term investment and a slightly changed regime for guides.

When a short term investment comes along, il be sure to upload it. When a long term investment comes along il also be updating it. Between these investments, there will be plenty of “dead” investing days. Whilst we won’t be making investments every night, we can be sure to make more profit as a result of longer term holds, making them more profitable but less common, also needing more patience. Between these days, there will be as much day trading and general market analysis, predictions and leaks.

This marks the first time I plan to make a longer term investment guide, so we can dive straight into who we’re picking up…

Let’s start safe and simple, with TOTW Mitrovic. Undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make as of right now. At 12k a card, this guy cannot go wrong. Not only is he cheap, but he will consistently be bough for various reason.

Firstly, he is almost a Discard IF. You will not lose coins on his card and he will rise a bit after going out of packs similarly to all other discard TOTW cards. This guy is involved in tons of the cheapest solutions when it comes to the POTM Hazard, who is still available for over 2 weeks meaning he will still be used during TOTW 8!

To add to that, he is likely to get heavily invested in as preparation for future POTM SBCs. He is extremely easy to link into SBC team, with a great league and position. Despite not being the best card, players will still pick him up being an EPL TOTW.

That is why I have picked up over 50 of his card (that is not a typo, I have picked up more than fifty of his card) for 12k a piece.

When it comes to selling his card, this is completely up to you. I would look to get a very minimum of 15k before selling, however a price tag of 17k will be hit within the next few weeks. There is a great possibility that we could see him hit up to 20k which makes for incredible profit long term.

Next up on the list is TOTW Szczesny, as I believe that he is at a great price point and won’t be as heavily invested in as other meta players from this TOTW. Whilst players like Bailly and VVD are gonna be great picks, I believe I can make more coins this way.

I’ve picked up 7 of his card for now at a price of 41k and under (can be sniped surprisingly often). This card is the second highest rated Serie A GK. He is already well known to be a very meta GK, so I can see his TOTW being a great pick. Playing for Juventus makes him perfect for linking with tons of players CB’s.

I think that all of these players will make great investments given that they don’t receive a second TOTW card. I would recommend sticking to the cheaper cards as they are more likely to be bought more often due to more players being able to afford them

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