I don’t know about you guys but I’m VERY excited for what is to come! If you haven’t seen the tweet, here it is:

To run you down on what content we will receive, here it is…

  • 14 Carniball Players
  • 8 SBC Carniball Players
  • 4 Weekly Objective Carniball Players
  • 6 Prime Moment Icon SBCs
  • 2 FlashBack SBCs
  • 4 Brazilian Icons in Packs

That’s a lot to take in!

Il start by recommending that we keep some coins spare going into the promo! We will likely find more investments when we get an idea of how they will be releasing SBCs.

Link Investing (Thursday Flips)

Not only that, but there will be 4x Weekly Objective Players, and this is perfect for link investing, meaning that we will likely find 1-4 players to mass invest in next week (hopefully it can be the next Boateng-like investment for Thursday Flips)

Carniball Cards

Firstly, we are getting 14 players in packs. There is a chance that these cards could be needed directly in an SBC (justified by lots of Weekly Objective cards to use as SBC fodder). If this is the case, we can likely pick up some cheap Carniball cards (if there are any) on day 1 when they’re listed too cheap, and sell on when needed as SBC fodder. This investment is quite unlikely but still a possibility.

High Rated

Lots of players have started buying their high rated cards tonight, in preparation for the 8x SBCs were waiting to receive. There’s no doubt that 83+ cards will be needed heavily for some very desirable cards, however we can simply buy in the morning, when less people are buying.

Cards that have risen in particular are Brazilians

I don’t recommend going in on these cards unless they drop significantly over night, which is very unlikely.

Instead, we can focus on the other nations that will be included in the promo. Here the list of those nations:

  • Brazil 🇧🇷
  • France 🇫🇷
  • Belgium 🇧🇪
  • Italy 🇮🇹
  • Argentina 🇦🇷
  • USA 🇱🇷
  • Spain 🇪🇸
  • Germany 🇩🇪


I think that there are tons of options here to get in on still. Any French players will be heavily sought after, especially with the release of so many French special cards in recent days.

The cheapest 83 rated French players contain a few gems of investments. Rabiot provides a CM Link in SBC solutions which is highly needed for chemistry reasons.

The same goes for Tolisso too. Coman Is great as he is very cheap for a high rated LW option, so if an SBC needs a LW card, he will fly. I really like these two as investments also because whilst they’re still too cheap, they also create perfect links for a potential FlashBack Ribery card that is rumoured to drop (French + 5* Skills).

This is perfect for covering all bases on this card! Certainly some of my favourite choices.

For similar reasons to Coman, this card provides great chemistry but at the RW position. Not only that, but Dembele is also the cheapest 84 rated French player available, costing very little more than the cheapest 84s on the market.

Whilst 88 Rated cards are already on the rise, Lloris provides an easy way to spend lots of coins, being close to the cheapest 88 available. With so many SBCs, I expect the high rated market to rise slowly, potentially quite a bit of EA drop a big Icon out of the 6.


When it comes to Belgium investments, there aren’t all too many players I’m interested in.

One player that does interest me is Witsel, the cheapest available 85 Rated card right now. At a super low price, I see no reason not to pick him up.

Another cheap option is Hazard, as a key player for Bundesliga squads, he doubles up as a nice Ribery FlashBack investment.


The only 83 I’m interested in here is De Rossi, being a CDM, rather than a ST or GK like the other Italian cards.

Jorginho is another card I really like the look of, being the cheapest 84 rated outfield EPL card, this card doubles up as a great EPL POTM Aguero investment too


Unfortunately, Argentina seriously lacks any SBC fodder at a reasonable price point. Whilst there are some more expensive players such as Gomez and Di Maria, I’m really not interested in picking those cards up.

With that said, 81 Rated cards are discard price, and so are the 82’s. I’d store one of these to the club, but probably wouldn’t mass invest here.

Banega is the only SBC fodder at a good price and could come up in lots of solutions, should Argentinians be needed alongside high rating


Another nation seriously lacking when it comes to SBC fodder is the USA…

This could however be a blessing in disguise, as if there are any United States requirements alongside rating requirements, then the highest rated USA Gold players will start to rise heavily.

Pick out some players and store them to the club, you never know if any of these cards could hit 10k (ignore IF Zardes!)


This nation makes a change, from having very few choices, to having too many…

Because of this, one of the few players that strikes my attention is Trigueros. A CM from Spain is much more likely to come up in solutions than any other position, and so I would pick up this card over others by far.

For the exact same reasons as Trigueros, Illarramendi takes a spot here due to still being too cheap for his card.

Another cheap player, Callejon, is also a player that turns up in so many FUTBIN solutions, and covers more possible teams and requirements than other Spanish players.


With most of these players, they will double up as FlashBack Ribery investments, which we can’t complain about.

Draxler is another one of those players that covers more ground, with Ligue 1 and German requirements.

I believe that Tah is a solid shout being the only Bundesliga CB at a reasonable price point.

Other Investments

A few discard value 81 Rated TOTWs show up too from this TOTW, which is always safe and let’s you spend coins a bit quicker. This also covers the possibility of a TOTW SBC, which we were already expecting for Friday at 18:00 GMT anyway

Another investment would be 86+ players

As of right now they’re by far too expensive to be picking up. What I expect is that for Day 1 is this promo, we may only see promo packs and a new team in packs. This wouldn’t cause much panic with tons of content already confirmed to drop, but if these cards drop significantly due to lots of promo packs opened, they’re then worth looking at picking up.

Alternatively, if the SBCs that drop don’t need high rating (they could easily need specific players, special cards, multiple cheaper teams etc), these cards will be panic sold, and will provide us with an opportunity to invest in higher rated cards before more desirable and expensive SBCs drop (remember that we have 8 of these SBCs total!)

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