The new mystery promo has finally been revealed!

The Future Stars Promo is Set to release on Friday, and this will be huge! Young rising talents will be receiving mental Rating and stat boosts and will be very sought after cards for players teams. Some of these will be very high end expensive, and some of these will be much cheaper, but new cards means new teams, and new teams means that players need Chemistry links, which changes buying patterns.

Instead of giving specific investments tonight, as we’re looking to sell players today and tomorrow from our previous link investing (don’t worry, there will be plenty more of this)

That’s why today, we’re looking at how to look for new players to invest in, on your own, so that you understand the process of picking out players that make great investments.

Every time a new player is released, that will be used by lots of players (this could include a player that’s very attainable and so lots of people will be using the card, or alternatively they’re pretty cheap for their stats/Rating). These players need to be used by lots of players. We can use Foddens new card for example. A player in a good league, with a good nation and an easy to link with club. Lots of players will look to try this card out.

Players mostly play with new cards on the weekend and build their teams on a Thursday during rewards.

So we need to go through every possible link to this card. We start with their nation in the same league to provide a strong link.

So what this means is that we can use FUTBIN to filter down search results, to English EPL players in positions that can link to the new card.

If the new card is a RW, we can’t link them to a CB, or a LB, or a LM/LW. A CM is pretty versatile. Here are some results from the filter:

You don’t want to pick expensive players, these aren’t going to be bought heavily, and the same goes for cards that are too cheap, nobody wants to use these cards. Cards that are in packs aren’t always great choices, as they are still being packed during Rewards. Cards not in packs however have no new supply and solely demand. A player like Lingard provides a strong link, with great stats and great availability.

Even this card would still be pretty expensive.

Perfect links to the card also make great picks, especially when they’re meta cards:

These cards would be picked up very often.

Finally strong club links to meta players make great choices for linking

We will have to go through this entire process for every new card that drops, and figure out what looks too cheap, what is more likely to be bought, and what offers the best profit % after tax.

This is a process that you will get used to pretty quickly. Eventually, some of the same players turn up over and over.

Some of the best positions are surprisingly the defence, especially the LB/RB position. This is because there are very limited good choices, and also players tend to switch these out more often, as they have their attackers already. The worst position is the ST, however that isn’t to say that good investments can’t show up.

Today’s guide is much less detailed than the usual guides and expect much more when it comes to new players dropping.

These investments, linking into the new Future Stars players will be best bought on Monday, during this Weekend Leagues Sell off. The reason behind this is that players will not only be opening tons of packs from Squad Battles, selling off teams and selling packed players for this new promo, and should present a new cheapest price for some of these cards.

That Thursday, many players will be packing themselves these new cards + they will be at their cheapest point. As a result, more people will be buying these new cards, and will need to buy these strong links, in the form of players like Walker, for their teams. These will be the prime time for buying and selling.

Today’s post, is more of a filler to keep you guys updated with the plan of action with these new cards, and further investments will be made as we see new cards and any special properties of these new cards too

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