Traders can now grow their social media by simply sharing their content with more people!

FIFA Traders will allow you to create FIFA posts including guides, giveaways, predictions and more!

Posts on the site can get plenty of views, currently ranging from 500 views, all the way up to over 15,000!

They’re also neatly integrated with Twitter for a smooth transition to your content:

In fact, this very post is what your posts could look like with very little effort!

What are the benefits?

When creating posts, you make your content much more attractive and easy to read, edit and update as needed!

You also have the opportunity to be discovered by the thousands of new site visitors each month (which continues to grow! See some information on site statistics at the end of this post)

You can also plug your own content inside of the posts as much as you would like, wether you offer more content on your Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook Page etc, or even your own paid service too!

Links are very easy to add, so you can plug your Twitter with the press of a button!

Content is very easy to make on the go and you can put together your posts on the go, from a mobile phone or at a computer, whatever is easiest for you. You can save drafts too if you aren’t ready to post straight away, with the ability to check out a preview of your work to make sure it all looks good before it goes live!

Great content is also hand selected to be featured on the website so that more viewers can see your work, allowing you to be seen by more people!

You will always show up somewhere, either in related content or the latest posts, meaning you shouldn’t struggle to get plenty of views.

Can I get paid to create?


What’s even better is that in the near future, adverts will be implemented onto the website, so that you can be paid for the content you produce. If you’re against paid content, then this could be a real winner to get you compensated for the work you put in, without charging your followers.

While not available immediately, this is absolutely a priority feature of the website, to pay the creators for their hard work, with the ability for followers to also support their favourites!

Can I post content?

Currently you will have to be accepted to create content on the platform, however this is open to any traders that have a small following already.

If you would like to be considered, simply send a DM on Twitter to @HarperHype containing a Username and Email address, so that you can be set up with an account.

In the near future, we are looking to create a system where anyone can post content, and go through a trust system. Every post will have to be reviewed by any moderator on the site before it goes live, however after a while, your posts will no longer have to be reviewed before they’re posted.

Look out for this being added as there are many plans to improve the website soon!

I have ideas for the site!

If you have any ideas, head over to the website and scroll to the bottom of the home page, where you will find a contact form to send in your ideas on how the site could be improved.

Site Stats

If you’re curious as the stats of the site, then this is for you!

Despite being new, the site is averaging almost 600 views for every post. This includes private posts that have had very little views, as well as extremely old posts too.

The average views for public posts is slightly over 1,250 views. Being such a new site also means that these stats are already quite impressive, with hopes to increase these numbers massively going into FIFA 20, where there is much more interest in the content.

The interaction rate of each post is also pretty high on Twitter, with users sharing content like this due to not only the great content, but with how easy it is to access and useful it is to the viewers.

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