We already have confirmation from EA that we are receiving 2x FlashBack SBCs throughout this promo.

The first of which was David Luiz from the EPL. I would class this card as a high value card, due to being easy to link through the EPL. Because of this, I also expect another high value player to drop, but unlikely from the EPL.

Given that the order of upgrades has been EPL and then Bundesliga, as well as usually bunching these two together due to POTMs only coming from these two leagues, as well as the fact that we have only had a single Bundesliga FlashBack in FIFA 19 (Gotze), Im expecting a Bundesliga FlashBack to drop tonight at 18:00

There is a chance that it doesn’t drop tonight and it drops tomorrow instead, but for not il assume it’s tonight.

Bundesliga Players could easily include the likes of Ribery or Robben, especially considering Goretzka is POTM. I believe that if these drop, we should be buying these links ASAP:

Ribery (LM):

Purchase Alaba, as he is a very easy strong link to Ribery, a great card, as well as being pretty cheap. He’s also in a position with few good choices.

Robben (RW):

I believe that Gold Kimmich at RB will do well for almost the exact same reasons as Alaba. Try to pick up his 86 Rated Card as he’s the better upgrades version.

There is a chance that part of this SBC will need TOTWs, either French, Dutch or Bundesliga. Due to us already making a Bundesliga TOTW Investment, Im happy to stick with these as it covers any Bundesliga FlashBack that could drop, and is much more likely to fit into the cheapest solutions.

What may happen instead however is that we see a UCL Moments SBC Drop Tonight, which could delay the FlashBack SBC.

EA are revealing something tonight at 18:00 UCL related, which is theorised to have connections to competitive play. I believe that this is to do with the UCL Moments SBCs.

There are plenty of Bundesliga players that could receive an SBC, although there are also plenty of other players too. I would assume that the requirements will be as unoriginal as all other SBCs, and need rating (around 84-86 depending on the value of the player) and TOTWs, usually 1-2 of them.

In this scenario, we can also look for link investments, but instead we will look for high value special cards that have strong links in important positions (LW, LM, LB, CB, RB, RM, RW, CDM, CM, CAM).

We should also look out for any League/Nation requirements, and make some investments on release of the SBCs. In the case of an 84 Rated Squad or higher, 86 rated players will do well, with potential to rise to 30k+, or 35k+ if they’re important to completing the SBC more easily.

84 Rated cards are heavily inflated, and so I expect solutions to contain the following formula:

2x 86

1x 84

5x 83

3x 82

Meaning that 83 Rated and 86 Rated players that fit the SBCs requirements of League and Nation will fly. Avoid GK cards and ST cards for the most part and look for CM’s mainly, but any outfield player will do.

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