Today marks the first day that we haven’t seen EA drop content. They have been doing great so far with content, but the drop in content will offer us an investing opportunity that can produce thousands of coins…

With no content, we can expect a lot more people to work towards creating their teams. Not only that but we can expect rewards to drop Thursday, meaning a heavy influx of coins. Whilst you would think that more packs means cheaper players, instead it means more packs (lower tier players are discarded and medium tier players are sold) and so players have more coins to pay for big players. The supply of these players in contrast with the coins being spent simply mean that demand is much higher than supply and the prices are pushed up.

Here is how prices for TOTW 2 cards changed when they went out of packs (excluding players that have a very low price)

As you can see, these players made larger profits depending on their rating and usability. The very top players have around a 10-11% increase with the top player of the week increasing by a massive 21.85%! On the other end of the scale, players like Cech and Matip rose much smaller amounts. In terms of usability, we can see huge rises in Talisca (31.3%!), Meunier, Yedder and Hernandez.

That’s why we plan to do some TOTW investing on Tuesday afternoon/night and Wednesday morning (I recommend getting in on Tuesday night however as we may see more investors this week!)

Here are the players I would look at investing in…

Neymar and Reus are higher priced players which means that they’re also higher risk. They will be used by plenty of players and so are likely to rise a lot. Neymar will certainly be used by lots of the top players so I can see his price rising a lot. Reus won’t have the same appeal as Neymar but will be very high up on a lot of players lists. I can see the price rising for him due to his position change and for the links to a potential Bundesliga POTM.

The rating on Neto is appealing but there are lots of GK options. Mandzukic isn’t th highest rated ST in the Serie A but is still an option that will be used. I can see these guys rising but not unbelievable amounts. Still could surprise us though with the Brazilian nation and the fact that Mandzukic has great mid field stats.

I can see these guys being great SBC fodder só getting in on some of these guys early could be a great choice.

Two players Im looking heavily at are These two guys. Nice and cheap, making them low risk, and great stats and usability meaning that they can rise a small amount once out of packs. This may not seem like much but as a percentage could pan out as a great mass investments. For example, putting in 500k to return 30k on the investment of a single player is nice profit, but 2k profit on a 10k card x50 for a 500k investment returns 100k profit. These two are likely to be the players I pick up.

Next up, these two players are very usable but already quite high in price. They certainly have plenty of room to rise though!

These players I will be strictly avoiding simply because I don’t believe they will rise enough to be worth investing in over other players.

I think that André Silva could definitely be a player to look at investing in. Great stats yet very cheap, in a good league with a top 9 nation. He could definitely rise a lot with the right amount of people buying his card.

Similarly to Silva, this card has great stats, but the league and nation aren’t great. He is in a similar position to Talisca. He doesn’t have perfect links available to him, isn’t as high rated and doesn’t have a great nation for linking but the stats themselves could prove to make him a great super sub, so il definitely be picking up a couple of this card.

Overall there are plenty of choices when it comes to this TOTW and there is no guarantee on which ones will be the best. Il be updating my post tomorrow with the players that I end up purchasing if you aren’t sure exactly who to buy.

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