OTW begins very soon! For those that don’t know it’s on September 28th 18:00 GMT where we can expect a lot of packs to be opened. As a result, I can see a lot of discard value non rated hitting the market and not selling, until we come along…

My experimental proposal cannot lose you coins. Every single non rare gold discards for 300 coins+. When OTW drops, I plan, 1 hour later, to bid 300 coins on every single non rare on the market I can. I want to at least place 100k into them for a single reason, which il explain now.

Once OTW is in full force, I guarantee that players will be completing and opening 2 player packs. This happened last year too, where everyone was opening as many of these as they could, trying their luck to pull a good player or a OTW. This means that players must buy non rare golds to fit into the already existing gold upgrade SBC. I believe that so many people will complete these SBCs that the price of non rare golds will rise.

Profit is the percentage. If you know that “Player 1” worth 1 coins will hit 2 coins the next day, and that “Player 2”, worth 100 coins will hit 110 coins tomorrow, you may be surprised to find “Player 1” is the better investment. Whilst only making 1 coin compared to the other making 10, as a percentage, you’re doubling your coins. 1M coins becomes 2M with “Player 1” and 1M coins becomes 1.1M with “Player 2”

For the reason that profit is in the percentage, low value investments in mass can turn out to be the best. If we pay 300 coins a card, and can sell them for 600 coins, we make back 2x the money invested. This is all speculation, which is why I will place 100k in it, and leave the rest of my budget to invest in other players that drop heavy tomorrow.

My predictions for tomorrow is that Goretzka and Lemar will take the biggest hits on prices, after a small bump up, they will fall hard in price, where we will sweep up the market. More info on this will come tomorrow.

The Plan:

18:00 GMT (OTW Released)

18:55 GMT – Bid 300 coins on all non-rare golds

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