So after Monday & Tuesdays SBC releases its clear to see what is coming for the rest of the week,
Monday was a prem player SBC and a Prem League SBC
Tuesday was a La Liga Player SBC and a La Liga League SBC

my predictions would be

Wednesday Serie A Player SBC & League SBC
Thursday Bundes Player SBC & League SBC
Friday Ligue 1 Player SBC & League SBC

Now the order may be wrong, but this is what ive deciphered it down to in how EA have released things in the past.
If the order is wrong, we still know that buy the looks of it the 3 big leagues will be out this week.

At 6:20 on Monday i informed my discord to buy Huesca Silvers along with other big league Silvers that use to be expensive
Now this paid off massively last night for the people in my discord who purchased Huesca players between 1k-2k and sold them at 5k profit per card!

So Looking at tonight the options id say EA have to give us would be:

4 Possible Contenders

This leaves us with a few Investment opportunities :


4 Canditates

Dont forget that if the Bundes does come out thursday, you will get all these players cheaper in the morning during rewards

4 Possible Candidates

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