Old TOTW Trading is very similar to that of Icon trading. Low supply, good demand and fluctuating prices. With that said, it is much easier than Icon trading, it’s much cheaper than Icon trading, much safer than Icon trading and you’re much more likely to find more deals. The biggest drawback to this however is that you will be earning much less coins, but there is a solution to this…

Icon sales tend to make players anywhere from 10k coins on the worst of sales on cheaper cards, all the way up to 200k+ on the high end icons.

TOTW sales here however may only make you 2k on some cards, or it may make you 15k. You can see that the profit here is much lower, however this can be scaled up pretty easily.

If you have 2m coins to put into Icon trading, you may be able to buy 1-2 Icons at a time. With 2m coins into TOTW Trading, you can easily buy 100 different cards with no problem. Because of this, your Icon trading would net you maybe up to 100k profit at best, or 200k+ easily on the TOTW Trading. At face value, Icon trading looks to be better but when we look at the net earnings, we’re making more with TOTWs.

The real reason you’re reading however, is to find out how it works. It’s simple, first you’re going to want to download the FUTBIN mobile app (this is what I use) or load up FUTBINs website (this is not sponsored, I simply highly recommend using FUTBIN as it’s incredibly useful for trading)

Use this tool to search for players from previous TOTWs. As you can see here, there are plenty of weeks to choose from, however I would stick to the first 5, also ignoring any promotions, such as Ultimate Scream and OTW

Essentially, you want to be working with TOTW cards that are at least 1 month old, however the further back you go, the better, as the supply will be much less (due to players buying the cards as collectors, for their teams etc) and don’t list them back up.

The best way to explain the method is to jump back to TOTW 1 where this trading can be the easiest and most obvious:

Here is TOTW 1 Yarmolenko. This guy is pretty rare. As you can see by his daily price graph, he has only been going up in value since his release, because more people buy his card over time, but no new supply is being added

The same goes for another player, TOTW 1 Pepe

You can see that the trend is the same, however Pepe has a much smaller price tag than Yarmolenko. You can also see that Pepe has lots of large price spikes, and these are caused by demand from SBCs. In the other hand, Yarmolenko doesn’t really have these big price spikes, instead he has lots of small ones. These are price fluctuations, which is what we want when it comes to flipping a player.

What this means is that we definitely can flip Pepe as he varies in price, but a player like Yarmolenko fluctuates way more often, giving us more buying and selling opportunities.

What you can take away from this is that you can use any player, but players that will have some kind of demand outside of being needed for SBCs are better choices.

Let’s look back into the daily price graphs for Yarmolenko:

Today alone, this card has been worth highs of almost 45k and lots of 33k. That’s huge in terms of fluctuating in price. If you bought at 33.5k and sold at 43k, you would make 7,350 Coins. Scale this up to let’s say 25 different cards and you’re looking at over 150k profit in an average day where not much interesting happens.

But how to you know when to buy and when to sell?

Take a look at the past 3 days of the players price:

We can see that a general low price point of each day was 28k, 31k and 34k, with general high points of 40k, 36k and 43k.

We now look at the current price point available here:

Do we want to pay 34,750 coins?

This is a low point, but it could be lower. From here, simply check back on the price later on in the day. Let’s say he hits 31k. This price is looking pretty low, and so it would be a good idea to buy around that price.

If we buy at 31k, we need to sell for anything higher than 32,750 to make a profit, which I would be very confident with doing.

Check the price every so often and see if it’s worth buying. I’m not happy to buy at this price so I will wait it out longer.

Alternatively, check what prices are available on bid

As you can see, there are lots of cards that you could potentially win at the price point you’re happy with, and if you’re very lucky, you will win them even lower than that, as there is much less competition when it comes to bidding on older cards.

I’ve only given 1 example here, however you can do this with tons of different cards available. More cards will be available over time too.

Extra Advice

I recommend that you only buy 1-2 of the cards you’re looking at, at a time. The reason for this is that there are a lot less buyers for these cards, which can mean that they take a while to sell. As seen here, even though it’s the cheapest available, it is yet to sell after 20 minutes:

When it comes to selling your cards, keep relisting them at your goal price point. So if I plan to sell this card at around 38k, il list up he card for 38k even though he is currently valued at 34k. The reason for this is that you may get lazy buyers and also it means that if the price rises suddenly, then you’re already listed and you can get a sale.

Before simply pressing “relist” once the card has been up for 1 hour, check the price again to make sure you don’t accidentally sell heavily under the current value. For example I may relist the card at 38k because it didn’t sell last time I listed it, but now he is valued at 45k and I’ve missed out on a lot of extra profit by listing too low.

When it comes to listing your cards, make sure that the starting price is the same as your buy now price, otherwise someone will bid on the card and win it very cheap.

Sometimes the cards you’re holding may drop further in value. Don’t panic, just play the waiting game as prices will return again.

Spread out your investments. Whilst it may take a while to get a sale on 1 card, when you have 100 different cards listed, you’re bound to get a sale on some of them, which will bring in profit, ready for you to buy some more cards and list them up again.

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