Today’s game have been and gone and it was pretty uneventful. This was expected, as there aren’t too many OTW players in games today, and only 2 of them are forwards. We did see a couple of potential money makers though that you can still jump in on now.


1 goal today for Everton in a 2-1 win doesn’t sound like much, because it usually isn’t. However last week, we saw Filipe Anderson score 1 goal in a 3-1 win, and securing a place despite seemingly not doing well enough. We can assume that EA are going to be very generous when it comes to handing out TOTA cards to OTW cards.

Because of his performance and a mix of panic selling, he has dropped down to 27k on XB1 and 23k on PS4. I recommend sniping some of these players, even if it’s 500 coins cheaper as there’s plenty of players still listing up their cards, and there are deals to be had.

I’ve personally picked up 15 of his card. I believe he will make a slow rise until Monday where I plan to sell of my cards for a few thousand profit each.


Salif Sané hasn’t done all that much in his 2-0 win but as a defender with a clean sheet, he still stands a chance. With how generous EA are, he still has a chance and given that he has dropped to 11k, I see no reason not to pick him up. I’ve picked up 5. If he rises to 13.5k or higher, il be selling so check each day. I will hold onto 1 card in the club. At discard price, you can’t lose and there will definitely be SBCs in the future needing a card like this.

More matches continue tomorrow, and players il be looking at heavily include:

  • Higuaín
  • Lemar
  • Mahrez
  • Smolov
  • Malcom
  • Dembele

Il be looking to apply what I’ve done here today onto these players tomorrow. Be ready for tomorrow post where we will be picking up more players ready to sell on Monday

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