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First post here, hope this is up to the standard of this website and is helpful to anyone reading it!

Ive been monitoring prices of OTW all week want to get a better idea of prices, wont be for another few weeks of monitoring until I get prices down really but for now have to make do with the little information we have. I have my own particular method of making a lot of coins with OTW others may choose to invest I never invest in OTW.

That out the way lets preface this with some players played on the Friday so didn’t get their prices before games and SofaScore was being weird and didn’t alert me to some players on Sunday and Saturday. I also only have a weeks worth of information so not as much as id like but did as much research as I could to get around that. The more weeks we get the easier it will be. Also very important no league matches next weekend so DON’T HOLD YOUR CARDS PAST THIS WEEKEND. You’ll be holding for an extra week just tying up your coins

ALSO EVERY PRICE I LIST IS PS/XBOX IN THAT ORDER. Im too lazy to write PS and Xbox every time.

Also price will not be the same with an increased supply and maybe more demand for certain players or less demand for others


Next game Saturday Udinese (A) Price today 2.8m/2.9m Price before his last game 3.5m/3.5m Price all week 2.8 2.9m/2.9-3.1m

The best investment of all the OTW cards… He’s played and started all 7 games amassing a total of 630 minutes, played primarily on the left but sometimes as a striker, his last 2 games have been as a striker.
In his last 5 games he’s scored 3 times and assisted 3 times, he takes 7.7 shots a game most of any player in the Juventus team. Also avg. 2.1 Key passes a game.
Next game is against Udinese away, they are sitting in 14, only won 1 of their last 5 games. In their last 3 home games they have conceded 13 shots a game and have conceded 4 goals.


Next game Sunday Chievo (H) Price today 150/149 Price all week 150-160/156-159

Been injured but has stepped up his recovery, he featured in his EL match today and scored and played the full 90 minutes.
He has played 4 games for a total of 360 minutes, he has scored 2 goals and has got an assist.
In the games he has been injured Milan, they amassed a total of 24 shots against Empoli and only scored the one goal, then went and put 4 past high flying Sassulo.
Next game is against Chievo, with 90 minutes under his belt tonight he may play this game. Chievo have lost their last 3 games and are dead last in the table.


Next game Sunday Celta Vigo (H) Price today 84/70 Price all week 93-108/85-92

Has not started a game yet in the league, coming on now in 5 games for a total of 79 minutes, that is an average of 15.8 minutes a game. For now he seems to be getting heavy minutes in the EL but not more importantly in the league.
Not seen as a potential starter just yet, not playing more than 30 minutes in any of the last 3 games, if anything his minutes in the league are going down, 27, 21, 7 his minutes in his last 3 games.
The team seem to have to change formation to accommodate him.
He may look like a really good card with an upgrade but for now isn’t close to having a starting spot or any substantial minutes to get that upgrade.
Next game is against Celta Vigo and not for something drastic don’t expect him to start but maybe get a few minutes.


Next game Sunday Manchester city (H) Price today 32/41 Price before his last game 64/382 Price all week 44-54/52-67

Apart of the midfield rotation playing only 90 mins once in the premier league but has played 80+ minutes 3 of his 7 games. He’s come on as a sub in the last 2 games with the midfield of Milner, Henderson, Wijnaldum being hard to break through.
In the CL he was taken to hospital and made to stay the night, I don’t really care how severe the injury may be or not I cant see someone who’s spent the night in hospital on a Wednesday then play on Sunday. The way the season has shaped up, he wont be a huge miss, there no need for the risk.
In his last 7 games in the league he has yet to register a goal or an assist. The productivity of his midfield competition isn’t that great either contributing to 2 goals and 2 assists of the teams 12 goals and 7 assists.
Their next game is against City, they have had a midfield combination that has worked last couple of games why break that for a player thats just recently been to hospital.


Next game Sunday Liverpool (A) Price today 92/93 Price before his last game 145/195 Price all week 91-111/99-120

He has not features more than 30 minutes other than 1 game in the prem.
After the last CL game he featured minimal minutes, he went on to play 29 minutes in the next game.
In the premier league he’s started 2 of the seven games he’s played only playing 231 minutes in total.
You have sterling playing in his position, hard to see him usurper Sterling if not for an injury.
Next game is against Liverpool, which looks like he wont have a starting role.


Next game Sunday SPAL (A) Price today 309/300 Price before his last game 330/310 Price all week 300-325/290-300

He started all of the last 5 games for Inter and this year is playing in a more advanced role as a 10.
For his 431 minutes played his output isn’t the best only generating a single goal. He has also only created 1 “big chance” in those 5 games avg. 1.6 Key passes a game.
Inters next game is away to SPAL who have their lost their last 3 games.


Next game Sunday Southampton (A) Price today 39/50 Price before his last game 80/70 Price all week 42-55/48-68

Has played every minute so far, only goal coming from a pen but now Hazard is back he wont be on them anymore.
He’s taken 0.6 shots a game and has 0.7 Key passes a game. His skill set does not lead him to getting many IF performances at this rate.
Saying that he’s a guaranteed starter and a reliable person to flip every week.
Next game is away to Southampton. they havn’t won a game since the start of September and failed to score in their last 2.


Next game Sunday SPAL (A) Price today 19/20 Price before his last game 27/31 Price all week 25-26/22-25

According to Gazzetta dello sport he will be back for the SPAL match but seeing as he not recovered enough yet for the PSV nor to even make the match day squad in midweek its hard to see him coming straight back into the side for SPAL. Give it after the break and he should be good.
Last year he managed to bag himself 4 assists and managed 0.6 Key passes a game in 19 games for Athletico.
In his time at Atheltico Madrid he managed to get himself 2IF, hopefully more of that this year.


Next game Sunday Fulham (A) Price today 27/32 Price before his last game 37/46 Price all week 26-30/25-35

After seeing him come back today in the EL and score his maiden goal for Arsenal, it seems he has recovered from this short term injury and will start the game against Fulham.
He’s had a decent start to the season, starting all games so far.
He doesn’t get into very many dangerous situations where he can score, saying that he did score a tap in today, we’ve also seeing his scoring prowess at Dortmund.
Arsenal has upped their CS’s since the beginning of the season and hopefully continue with that streak.
Next game is against Fulham away, a London derby. He will be a starter for this so could be a good opportunity to flip him.


Next game Saturday Udinese (A) Price today 91/87 Price before his last game 105/106 Price all week 105-113/94-97

Enjoying a lively start to his Juve life already, getting himself an early IF.
He’s started and finished all his games bar 1. Within those games he’s managed to register 1.3 shots a game, 1.5 Key passes a game and 2.7 dribbles a game, great numbers for a RB especially in a dominate team.
Next game is against Udinese, already looked at this early when talking about Ronaldo.


Next game Saturday Manchester City (H) Price today 60/58 Price before his last game 71/85 Price all week 66-73/73-84

Only way a GK gets an IF is if they make a large number of saves of if they save a pen and have a general good game.
In a team like Liverpool who dominate the ball in most games, it wont be very often hell be in positions hell need to make a number of saves to save his club.
He secured his place in the starting line up, is a player that will play every game. Liverpool are conceding 8.6 shots a game, conceded only the 3 goals in 7 games, joint least amount of goals conceded with City and have 4 CS in those 7 games.
Next game is against City the only team to have scored more goals than Liverpools 15 with 21. In City’s 7 games they have amassed 24 shots a game so if there was every a game Alisson was needed this may be it.


Next game Sunday Real Betis (H) Price today 55/48 Price Price all week 57-66/57-65

He has started every game bar 1 so far this season accumulating 476 minutes so far. Athletico play a variation of a 442 or 4141. Lemar has played either on the left or right. If Koke is not playing through the middle Lemar will be shifted onto the right to make way for Koke on the left.
Cant forget another summer signing, Martinez who played on the right. If Lemar starts to slump, Martinez is more than capable to take his place.
In 7 games he’s registered 2 goals and an assist, takes 0.7 shots a game and 1.3 Key passes a game.
Madrid are home to Real Betis, who havn’t conceded in their last 3 games and havn’t lost since their opening game of the season.


Next game Saturday Gladbach (H) Price today 140/120 Price all week 159-170/129-170

Started 3 games and subbed in 1 playing a total of 249 minutes, has a goal and an assist all in one game.
He’s managed a full 90 minutes twice. Last time he played was 25/9 against Hamburg where he was a LB and got subbed at half time. He wasn’t in the squad for the Hertha game and then was an unused sub for the CL.
Next game is against Gladbach, the last game after a CL game he went to play a full 90 minutes.
A good team that have lost 1 of their last 4 against high flying Hertha. For his price and his questionable play time its too much fo a risk to have him as an investment.


Next game Sunday Valencia (A) Price today 26/27 Price all week 30-38/30-40

He has come on twice now as a sub for 25 min in total.
There may be some discontent with him being left out of the squad for the CL match against Spurs.
His last appearance was a 19 minute spell on the 26/9 against Leganes
He hasn’t made it into the squad the last two games, players like Dembele Coutinho Messi Haddidi all being above him at the moment.
Next game is away to Valencia but it doesn’t seem like he will be in the squad and if he is does he get any playtime and if he does will it be better than 10 mins.


Just got an IF, would avoid for he cant get two IF in a row.


Next game Saturday Newcastle (A) Price today 68/65 Price before his last game 94/88 Price all week 65-78/65-79

Has started 4 games, come on as a sub once, only played 90 minutes twice earlier in the season. As the season has gone ion his minutes have decreased. Instead of starting he’s found himself coming off the bench.
Hes played a total of 339 and managed a goal, avg of 1.4 shots a game and 1 Key pass a game.
He was an unused sub in the last game in the CL.
Next to play Utd are Newcastle away. With Utd latest results it could be time for change and to bring him back into the fold


Next game Saturday Augsburg (H) Price today 33/26 Price before his last game 52/46 Price all week 38-40/32 35

He’s played 5 games and subbed in once for a total of 443 mins.
Played 90 minutes in 4 of the last 5 games, the other time he was taken off after 60 minutes in a 7-0 mauling of Nurenburg. He has 0.8 shots per game and 0.2 key passes a game, not the best numbers. He is a guaranteed starter, has only one goal to his name which ended up being the goal of the month for August.
Next game is against Augsburg at home, a team that have only won2 of their last 5 games


Currently injured is projected to come back on the 31st of October from a shoulder injury.


Next game Saturday Dusseldolf (A) Price today 11/12 Price before his last game 17.5/20 Price all week 13-15/13-15

Played 6 games and fielded all 90 mins of each, is a starter for them.

As a CB he offers 0.7 shots a game, as a defensive unit Schalke have conceded 12.3 shots a game. For as low as they are in the table they havn’t conceded that many goals, their main problem is goal scoring. They are 17th in the table though. Next game is against Dusseldorf who are only 2 points ahead of them in the table and has scored the joint second least amount of goals in the league. The team with the least amount of goals in the league so far are Schalke….


Next game Saturday Deportivo Alves (A) Price today 23/20 Price all week 26-33/23-29

A bit better play time than Malcom, come on twice, played a total of 62 minutes. Most of those minutes have come in the last couple of games. It seems his play time has increases even playing 32 minutes in their last CL game.

He seems to be the back up forward to Benzema this season.

Next game against Deportivo Alves, he wont be a starter but expect to be a feature in some small capacity.


Next game Sunday Rennes (H) Price today 10/11 Price all week 11-14/11-13

Started 1 games and got subbed in twice for a total of 139 minutes He has played in all of their last 4 games to different degrees, played 18 minutes, then a full 90 then 33 minutes capped off with 77 minutes in the CL.

A very good player, very impressive in the WC with hopefully some consistent minutes he can produce some of the form. Monaco have played a 4231 or a 352 variation playing as a 10. In their last league game they played a 352 with a flat midfield with no room for a 10. This was an away game.

Next game is against Rennes, may play more progressive minutes now, think he will a starter in due course.

Even if Monaco havn’t been great, their only win coming in their first game of the season. Rennes are in as bad of form as Monaco losing 3 of their last 4 games.


Next game Saturday Leicester (A) Price today 23/26 Price before his last game 52/60 Price all week 22-25/27-32

He’s played 5 games for a total of 391 minutes and has 3 goals to his name so far, avg 2.8 shots a game.

His last goal did come against Southampton on the 18/8… If he doesn’t score in the next game would be 2 months until his last goal.

Next game is against Leicester, who have won their last 2 games. Only losing a narrowly to Liverpool at home for their only dropped points at home of the Season.


Next game Sunday PSG (A) Price today 12/13 Price before his last game 20/21 Price all week 17-18/18-21

Started 3 games and subbed in once for a combined total of minutes of 281. He has registered 2 goals and a single assist, all coming in the last 2 games. He even registered a goal in the CL.

He will be a starter and play the full 90 minutes consistently soon. He got taken off 70 minutes in their last game at home to Nantes will.

Their next game is against PSG away. Sucks. Will start but an IF may be a bit far gone.

Hope you did find this useful will try to get this out every week if it helps at all. Hope you enjoyed and see you guys again next time.

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