Whats up guys, FUTBERG here.

So The OTW promo is over, have any of you guys tried trading with them yet? if not, let me tell you how easy it is to make coins!!

At the start of FIFA i made the above image (photoshop savvy i am not)
but guess what, it works.
AND its even easier than the picture suggests!!

If you know a team is playing on the weekend, pick up the OTW card on the wednesday and youll probably be able to get it at its cheapest.
When the teamsheet comes out an hour before KO on the saturday, the OTW card has already increased in price!!

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At this point you can do 1 of 2 things.. take the money and do a forrest gump, runnnnnnn forrest run….
Or you can hold onto the card and see how the game plays out.

Ill give you an example, Sarabia’s card was 12k last week when i told my patreon to pick him up (as PSG had an easy home game)
At the point of KO Sarabia was already at 16k, at this point you cash out or hold on, I held, and to good effect.
Sarabia scored and his card jumped instantly to 20k, at this point i sold my card i bought at 12k, making 7k profit.
But i didnt stop there, i continued to snip Sarabia at below 20k and was able to sell him for 24k netting myself another 3k+ per card.
Sarabia then grabbed himself an assist and the card grew ANOTHER 5k up to around 28k, so i carried on snipping him at 24k now, still making an instant 3k+ per card.
In the second half Sarabia got another assist basically confirming his place in TOTW and his OTW shot up to 32/34k, at this point i was still snipping away and making profit.

This is where the beautiful thing happens, after the game and the hype died down, so did Sarabias OTW card, and he dropped to 25k (THIS IS BUY TIME)
We know sarabia is getting in TOTW (bar EA being EA) so we invest in him at the 25k, and now at the time of writing this post on tuesday, Sarabia is sat at 37k, making me 10k profit per card.

Now lets do the maths.
Bought for 12k
Sold for 20k = 8k profit (before tax)
Continue snipping making 3k+ per time
Buy Sarabia at 25k after game dies down
Sell sarabia today (tuesday) or tomorrow in the TOTW hype and im making 10k+ per card.
Overall each Sarabia card has made me in excess of 20k profit.

This method can obviously go the other way, with coutinho being the example.
210k day before the game
235k as game kicks off
208k as bayern lose
190k later that night

190k (low point) you could easily buy, wait for the next game, and sell in the hype of the game and you will always make profit when you SELL IN THE HYPE!!!

But on the whole guys you can manipulate this method to work for you without a ball being kicked.
I hope youve found this helpful and remember to drop me a follow on all social media.
Thanks Guys

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