With Batch 1 of the ‘best of’ promo departing packs on 17th July and Batch 2 being released this will be a good time to do some ‘out of pack investing’. There are 2 routes you can take to make coins with this method;

1. Pick up golds going out of packs.

2. Pick up specials from Batch 1 which will be leaving packs.

Batch 2 release looks likely to consist of;


Future Star

TOTW 20-41


Gold cards out of packs.

Gold cards out of packs

  1. As these cards are used in sbcs they become rare and therefore there prices increase as there is zero supply

Go through the above squads and pick up the equivalent gold cards that are useful in sbcs or league sbcs. Examples below;

Ribery – Carnibal card, good position, rating, nation and league.

Junior – Future Star Card, Required in Real Madrid league sbc.

Note: ALWAYS check price graphs on (futbin/futhead/futwiz) and if the card is inflated do not buy, move onto the next option.

Batch 1 special cards leaving packs

2. Look for special cards that are usable or OP with good links. There will be zero supply of these cards for at least 2 weeks so as they become rare there prices will rise. Example below:

Note: as always look to sell around reward time when people are coin rich. Thursday afternoon through to Friday evening.

Hopefully this will give you a brief understanding of this method, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask @robosfut

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