You may or may not have seen my tweet from earlier today where I very briefly talked about investing during the Ultimate Scream promotion

And my thoughts are still exactly the same. The investments aren’t very interesting, and so whilst we are more than capable of profiting tonight, it isn’t very interesting. None the less let’s talk about our plan…

1. Discard TOTW Investing

Pick up 1 of each player and store them in your club. As obvious as it is, you should be doing this every single week anyway. This is your reminder to do this now!

There are no real reasons that they will rise in price heavily, however there is a guaranteed chance of each of these cards resulting in profit over the next few days, going out of packs on Wednesday.

Not only are they guaranteed to rise in value once out of packs, there is always a small chance that they will be needed in an SBC for Ultimate Scream. We may see that the next SBC Scream Card needs a TOTW on top of the team. Alternatively, we are likely to see a Guaranteed Scream Player Pack, likely in the form of a repeatable SBC. It’s likely to need a Scream Card and a team rating around 83 rated (potentially even 82), but there is also a chance of the requirements being slightly different, such as 1x Scream Card + 1x TOTW and a low rating.

Either way, these players will hit a minimum of 12k sooner or later so go ahead and pick them up for 10k a Card and store them to the club.

Here are the players to pick up if you’re not sure who:

2. Discard 83’s

I won’t explain why we’re picking these up, I’m sure you’re fully aware why. Same goes on these as they do for TOTW cards, pick them up and store them to the club. No need to mass buy them, it’s just nice to have a few on hand. Here are the guys that are at this price:

3. Overnight Flipping

The real reason you’re here, it’s to buy now and sell later. This set of players however are changing in value for a slightly different reason to what you would expect with an overnight flip.

For those that don’t know how overnight flipping works, essentially sometimes a player is being listed more often than usual and players are coincidentally not purchasing these cards for whatever reason (perhaps they just haven’t considered the player as an investment, someone may be holding the card and mass listing… there are plenty of reasons). This causes the players price to drop a considerable amount, and his tends to be the case more often than not later at night. That’s when we buy plenty of cards, and as soon as everyone gets back onto the game, they see the price is too low and push the price back up, where we can sell all of our cards back to others for a small profit on each card, but in large quantities this results in big payouts.

Tonight’s reasons are similar to the usual, however they should rise a little more than usual, due to the hype surrounding each of the cards before the potential release of SBCs. They will be bought up by last minute panic buyers looking to get lucky on some cards, but in reality are giving us profit instead.

Here are the players we’re looking at buying:

Tonight’s choices are very thin, meaning we don’t have too much choice, simply due to how dead the market is, however I’m confident we can turn a profit overnight.

Sell time is between 12:00-17:00 GMT on 22/10/18

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RichieB13 · October 22, 2018 at 12:23 am

thanks for the non rare gold tip a few days ago, every card bought for 350 selling for 900-1.5k made for some big profits!

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