As many users are aware, FIFA content creation has slowly evolved into a more “exclusive” environment, catering towards paying customers over others.

This is certainly quite a backwards concept, given that our audiences are made up of those that do not want to pay for FIFA Points in the first place, and so have come to traders as the answer.

Whilst users can make more coins for their money’s worth, they’re still required to make some kind of payment in a lot of cases, as a result of many Traders spending large amounts of their time creating high quality content. A lot of this is done through the not so perfect platform, Patreon

Problems with Patreon

This platform has its problems, including payments being taken at the same time each month, meaning that some users will get less time subscribed to a content creator than others, despite paying the same amount.

This is not only problematic for viewers, but Traders too that have to explain the concept of Patreon which isn’t adjustable to their specific needs. On top of that, the ability to donate a custom amount leads to users not being placed into a subscription service due to it being already full, or them not donating the correct amount, leading to awkward discussions and refunds.

Whilst it does have its flaws, it still has the ability to run very well, and does help to support content creators in a positive way.

How can we change this?

I suggest the monetisation of content through ads rather than direct payments from viewers. This would resolve the problem of exclusivity when it comes to content creation. This gives everyone an equal chance to see content, which will not only expand your audience, but also remove the stigma behind wether content is worth paying for or not, as the content will no longer be hidden.

How will I be paid?

The premise behind this works similar to that of platforms like YouTube

You create content for everyone to view, this can be in the form text guides, images, videos or a combination of them. You then get views on this content, where there will be ads placed on your content. You then earn revenue as a result of your content being monetised.

A lot of Traders don’t have the time or equipment to create content that can be placed on YouTube and so that means that text based content would have to be monetised is the same way a blog is monetised.

As of currently, there are no large platforms that allow for this type of work (if there is and I haven’t heard about it, it will still also be offering non-FIFA related content, watering down your profit potential)

Why this idea is positive

  • This idea means that we can involve everyone in the community, rather than simply those that are paying viewers
  • Those paying customers will no longer have to pay a set fee every month and will be much happier with free content
  • Your viewers can still donate to you directly should they enjoy your content, also removing any Patreon fees
  • All users can see your original content, so anyone that is stealing content will now be exposed

How much can you expect to earn?

The website itself is based on a very specific topic of Football and Trading, meaning that ads will be very specifically catered to the audience, giving a larger payout per view than your average website.

You can check out your Twitter Analytics here to see how many impressions your tweets usually get and gauge a rough idea of how many people will click your content from your Engagement %.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect roughly £1 for every 1,000 views your content receives. This number can reach considerably higher numbers given that the content is very niche with a large viewer base, with content creators sometimes earning £3+ per 1000 views (although this number is much more unlikely)

Whilst this is all estimates, we won’t know any actual values until the project is underway. I will be constantly working to maximise earnings per view.

How will I get views?

The content you make is very compatible with Twitter. This post you’re reading now is exactly how a trading guide will appear. As you can see, it is very easy to post to Twitter, and can be accessed by your following with ease. You can also post links to your guides on other social media, such as Facebook, snapchat, Instagram and YouTube to increase your viewers.

This website is already climbing the ranks on google and with some time and attention, could be the go to spot for trading guides increasing your viewer count very quickly

How can I join?

Currently, this project is in very early stages. Money made is going to start off low as ads are optimised. Not only this but I have to set everyone up individually currently, so it takes time, and because of this, I won’t be offering spots to absolutely everyone. Instead, I’m asking for a Twitter threshold of 3k followers. This threshold will get lowered as it becomes easier to introduce new users.

Send me a direct message if you would like to join

If you have any questions, reply to my tweet with a question and il reply to your question on Twitter and then include the question and answer below…


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