At this stage, it’s become very obvious who the winner of POTM will be, and so we are completely ignoring all possible nominees, and simply focusing on a POTM Aguero SBC

As usual, we will look firstly into the player themself, as this is always a very easy way to make coins from a POTM Promo, without risking anything.

As of right now, Aguero is sat at a nice price of 94k on XB1 and 105k on PS4:

What is even better than simply investing for POTM, is that this is the lowest we have ever seen his card, due to players lack of coins right now and the result of the market being low in price.

I expect Aguero to rise slightly as players get more coins from Thursday rewards.

These prices are fantastic to get in on, and I don’t think we will get them any lower than this; Invest now whilst he’s cheap

POTM will drop on Friday 8th this month, and so we are looking to sell whenever we see his price significantly up during the hype for POTM. That means that our approximate sell time will be Thursday 7th at night, or Friday 8th in the morning.

We don’t want to be leaving it later than this, as we will be selling in the hype for POTM, rather than investing for actual requirements.

Whilst Aguero could be needed, this is still unlikely. If Aguero does not rise before POTM, we can simply hold onto it. If he is a requirement for the SBC, then we will be making tons, and if not, he should rise naturally, albeit slowly.

With the main investment out of the way, we can look into team and nation investments…


The possibility of an Argentinian Squad is quite high with a POTM like Aguero, and we would expect the SBCs to be very expensive.

The problem is that there are very few high rated Argentinian players that could be used in an SBC.

Icardi and Gomez are at very good price points for their rating and are very safe as they will rise alongside other SBCs, so it’s worth getting these guys into your clubs at under 21.5k and 3k

Di Maria is quite high in price and so I’m much more reluctant to pick his card up.

Man City

A city squad is looking likely, with plenty of players available to be put into SBCs…

Laporte and Gundogan look to be by far the strongest investment, being perfect for any high rating, Chemistry, Man City or EPL requirements, covering tons of avenues in just 2 cards.

Should we need a higher rated Man City Squad, there are still a few more players that are simply too cheap right now that will cover you. These cards have the chance to rise whenever any SBC drops, such as any FlashBack SBCs.

Another super cheap card for their rating is Fernandinho and although I won’t be mass investing, il be looking to get him stored in the club for a potential requirement. I feel as if his rating will be a bit too high for any SBCs on POTM Aguero, but I could easily be wrong.

He will be rising over time however, due to Icon SBCs and other general SBCs that pull up prices of the market all around.

Perfect Link

The perfect link, Otamendi is unfortunately quite expensive right now for his rating. He not only covers great Chemistry, Nation, Club, League and rating requirements but also the possibility of a perfect link needed. Il have one in the club to be safe, but he is looking expensive for what he is, and so I don’t want to go all in on his card.

My best suggestion would be to pick up 1x the higher rated cards and to mass invest into Laporte as well as Gundogan.

EPL Investments

Aside from club and nation, we can obviously invest in the EPL, where we would expect some kind of requirements. With Aguero Set to be very expensive, we can assume that we will need not only a high rated team, but we will also need Chemistry as well as TOTWs to push the prices of each SBC up. And because of this, these players become great investments…

Juan Mata makes his way into so many squads for being a great rating, and great position SBC fodder player. Lacking in the RM section for very cheap links, Mata usually fills this gap. 1.8k is a great price

Whilst not a great nation, this is usually irrelevant to EPL squads as they simply all link together. The position is important here, being the cheapest 84 rated CB, and at 4K and under for both consoles, makes for a great pick.

The next cheapest defender is Laporte, who we have already discussed, but it’s worth adding that you shouldn’t pick up his 83 as it is very overpriced

Felipe Anderson isn’t talked about often at all, usually because he’s not cheap enough to be used as SBC fodder, but things have changed and at 3.7k or less, is perfect, being the only LM option at a reasonable price. Definitely don’t overlook this card, especially if any SBC formations need a LM, this card will fly.

There isn’t much to say about Lacazette other than he’s one of the cheapest available 85’s. It’s very worth while picking him up now at this price, although I wouldn’t expect to double your profit on him any time soon.

To end with, I suggest some 86’s as they’re easy links no matter what SBC drops, and anything under 16k will make you profit on one SBC or another, wether it’s POTM, or it’s a FlashBack SBC.

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