A close month this month as two top players battle it out for POTM. Those two names are Eden Hazard and Raheem Sterling.

Its a tough one to say the least. You have Eden Hazard, scoring 5 goals total in 2 wins and 2 draws and you also have Sterling, contributing towards 5 goals, scoring 3 himself and assisting 2 more, winning all their games in the month.

According to betting sites, Hazard is more likely to win.

Let’s start by investing in something for both players.

Both players are going to need to be expensive, so we shouldn’t be surprised to find an EPL IF requirement. We will also have TOTW 3 available by the time POTM August is released. Because of this, I’d recommend picking up Cech. He is the cheapest IF and is also the 3rd highest rated.

Next up, we will likely see a very high rating requirement in the EPL and so will need to get ourselves some higher rated gold cards

Cheapest 84 Rated

Cheapest 85 Rated

Cheapest 86 Rated

My player choices would be the following players:

These players also double up as great choices when it comes to Man City or Chelsea investments, which make them great choices.

The player that I will be Investing heaviest in will be Kompany. A great rating, plays in the EPL, plays for Man City (Sterling requirement) and is Belgium (Hazard requirement). Not only that but he’s the cheapest 85 EPL player by 10k!

Next, we should talk about the players themselves:

It is always a possibility that the player themselves will be required for the SBC. We need to get an idea of what kind of price the SBC will be.

Hazard should cost anywhere around 900k coins. Sterling should cost around 150k. I can imagine that POTM SBCs will be on the cheaper side this year to get players to complete them. These prices make it very much possible that the player themselves are required. Hazard is much more likely to be required due to the large price requirement that will be needed.

Next, we can expect an SBC surrounding the nations of each player. Here are the cheapest players for each rating in both nations:

82 Rated England

83 Rated England

As you can see, prices are extremely inflated due to being a main requirement in the Lucas POTM SBC. I wouldn’t recommend investing in these cards.

81 Rated Belgium

82 Rated Belgium

83 Rated Belgium

Once again, you can see that there is very little choice when it comes to a nation SBC making it quite difficult to retain both a high rating and the nation.

Because of this, I believe that we may see an SBC with a high rating requirement and a Min requirement on Belgium/England players. This will make players such as Carrasco a great investment, as well as Casteels, and other discard value gold players from both England and Belgium.

Because of the likely high rating requirement, we can expect some of the cheaper higher rated players to rise in price. Here they are here:

84 Rated

85 Rated

86 Rated

I recommend the cheapest possible players from each list, but choosing the cheapest outfield player may payoff as GKs tend not to rise as much, due to the difficulty of getting Chemistry when you will only require a single GK.

Here are the players that I’m picking up during the temporary crash, due to the UCL SBCs:


Buy Price: 9.5k and under (Medium Risk)

I’ve only gone for of his cards. I think he has the potential to rise


Buy Price: 13,750 (Low Risk)

Our of packs tomorrow and will rise high no matter who is the winner, I’m going all out on this card as even though we may only see 2-3k profit per card in the hype, when you’re picking up 30 cards, you’re looking at up to 100k in profits!

There is certainly room to be picking up other cards, such as Carrasco or Fabregas or even Rui Patricio (cheapest EPL 83) however il be looking at these two player as they look to return the most coins safely. If you’re on a lower budget, risking it on smaller value cards could pay off very well!

If you’re invested in players such as Mahrez that have dropped in price, I’m heavily considering taking a loss on them now, to fund other investments, however these players are still out of packs for 5 days! They still have room to rise from what they are now

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