Tomorrow is the release of Player of the Month October, and as always, I, like the rest of the community, cannot wait to see those stats, as well as potentially add a new player to my club. POTM Hazard expires tomorrow at 18:00 GMT which is when I expect the next POTM Card SBCs to drop

With that said, let’s take a look into our first investment, and this is for the POTM winner themself. This investment annoys me a lot because I had planned to purchase players tonight. Instead however, players have already began to rise to a significant degree too.

Whilst we don’t have confirmation on a winner, it’s looking like Aubameyang is the front runner in this race.

Take a look at how his price has changed today:

The rise in price has already began, making his investment much more risky than it was earlier today.

This is similar to the pattern that Hazard took when he was looking to be the winner of POTM

You may remember this post back from the end of last month. The first red line indicated that he began to rise and the second line is his peak, which was on the day of POTM.

FUTBIN isn’t perfectly accurate on prices however, as Hazard managed to rise up to 500k in the hype, a full 100k more than that of his starting price.

I think that the idea of a market crash has kept Auba from rising and now we’re in the significant rise stage for him.

I have purchased my Aubameyang for 256k on XB1, and I would look to buy at 278k and under.

This is quite a high risk investment as there is no confirmation that he has won POTM!

I’m looking to sell tomorrow morning when the leaks for POTM come in and we find out the winner. This investment is relying on Auba winning POTM, so if you don’t think that this will happen, then don’t invest in this card.

I’m looking to simply undercut the lowest available tomorrow and take whatever profit I can on an overnight investment.

A lot of the cheaper, lower end Arsenal players are already pretty expensive. Similarly to Auba, I should imagine these will rise quite a bit should he win POTM.

This is a much lower risk and lower budget investment if you’re not willing to risk tons of coins.

If safety is key aspect of investing for you, then this is where to go:

Casillas for 22.5k and under on both consoles and Sarabia for 25k on XB1 and 26k on PS4 will rise no matter what. Super cheap 84 Rated TOTW cards will be up in price should be see some high rating + TOTW team requirements on POTM, and his will only go up further with the third set of Icon Player Pick SBCs.

I’m holding onto a ton of these two cards because you just can’t go wrong on them.

If you’ve gone in on Aubameyang cards and make a pretty penny on him, consider late investing into these TOTW cards with your earnings to double up on your profits.

With the higher end Arsenal cards up in price, I’m gonna go ahead and take a step away from them, I don’t like their price points very much and so won’t be buying them:

The same goes with the TOTW cards, I just can’t see a card with as much demand as this needing TOTW cards from TOTW 1 and TOTW 2, as the supply is already very low for them.

Of course, there is one exception to the rule, and that is Ozil, who I think works very well because he’s still quite cheap, as he is a popular player for the Icon SBCs too. Not only will his rating justify being a requirement in a high rated EPL team that doesn’t necessarily need Arsenal players, but he offers a unique nation in the scenario that we need players from outside of England, as well as fitting into higher rated Bundesliga teams due to being German for an old league SBC. Not only this but Icon SBCs will keep his price pretty high. Whilst I don’t think there is tons of profit to be made on his card, I would say he is still a very safe card to pick up, as he covers so many bases on multiple SBCs.

24k is a push on Ozils price for PS4 and 23k should be aimed for , but it isn’t the worst price point.

The same goes with XB1 on his price.

I’m looking to sell this card once SBCs are released, unless he hits 28k, in which case I will sell straight away

Finally, we’re looking at the Bundesliga, and an old team of Aubameyang, which is Dortmund.

I think it’s strange that we’ve seen a flashback card from Dortmund appear recently, and could be a hint at what we may need. Alternatively, it could simply be coincidence, however I think that this will offer us a cheaper solution to those that already have the Gotze Flashback Card. For this reason, I’m looking a little outside the box at Kagawa and Piszcek, who are very cheap as well as offering some really high profit potential. Under 1k is good but as always, cheaper is better and you shouldn’t ever overpay.

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