We’re getting closer and closer to Black Friday, with no real clue when the true lowest point in the market will be. I will of course update you guys when I believe it is buy day. For now, I’m thinking that it may be on the 21st however this definitely can change.

Let’s take a look at the SBCs available

Tah is super cheap but also offers some decent rewards, I expect that a lot of people have done this

SMS is a very good card, once again will be done by a lot of people as he is cheap for the value of the player. Great packs on top.

Alonso is another great card, one of the best LB options available in fact. The pack rewards here are huge and lots of people will have completed these SBCs simply for these packs

Finally is Mkhitaryan, who is a good card but a little bit expensive. Lots of people will complete these cards anyway and so will get back some hefty rewards.

So why am I showing you these?

These 4 SBCs are the only ones we were getting

And so because of this, we aren’t expecting to get any more huge packs. These SBCs are essentially draining coins, giving people less buying power, and so reduce prices of players. Not only this but pack rewards will introduce some of these coins back but also a larger supply of these top players, and so have caused the likes of this:

Alba is down 20k in 4 days for both consoles

Firmino down around 17k in 4 days

Lukaku down 35k on XB1 and 30k on PS4 over the past 4 days

These are just 3 examples of players, but take a look at any players that fits this criteria:

• They must be a NIF Gold Player sitting between 82-91 Rated

• They must be a well used player in the Weekend League. This means meta players with great stats and is important to people’s teams

• They must have value much higher than that of the cheapest players at the same rating

This means they must be well above these values at each Rating point

  • 82 – 2,000
  • 83 – 3,000
  • 84 – 10,000
  • 85 – 15,000
  • 86 – 25,000
  • 87 – 35,000
  • 88 – 45,000
  • 89 – 65,000
  • 90 – 80,000
  • 91 – Any

I’m mainly looking at players between 85-88 rated as these guys have dropped the most due to being packed very often alongside the coin drain

So why are we looking at these cards?

These guys are about to rebound a lot. We’re buying today because tomorrow I’m expecting more SBCs that will be very cheap and will begin to introduce coins back into the market

Each of these SBCs that we’ve received have been nice coins boosts.

This won’t cause a huge price boost however, instead it will only begin to push prices up. If you see a player has risen in price and you’re happy with profit, then sell up and take the coins.

Thursday morning is when we see rewards from the previous weekend League. This will introduce a ton of coins onto the market, and many players will begin to buy their teams for the next weekend League.

So what is the plan?

Tonight and tomorrow morning, we’re buying players that fit the criteria from earlier and then we’re selling tomorrow night after SBCs.

If you’re struggling to find players, these are some that I recommend:

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