Let’s quickly address the Ultimate Scream Promo. EA have overall done a terrible job of this promo, and it was extremely disappointing, not only from a traders perspective, but for everyone in general.

This promo has been very much neglected, with big gaps of no content, repeats of old content (and graphics), awful rewards, special players sat at discard value for 2 weeks, a bad special player selection and finally no great content to finish off the promo with.

With that said, there is still time for an SBC to drop. I don’t believe that EA will give us a small SBC for Halloween day and nothing else, instead I’m predicting something big to drop on a random hour (21:00, 22:00, 23:00, 00:00 GMT). This is more likely to be 00:00 GMT, as it would be “festive” to drop the big SBC at midnight of Halloween.

Like I posted in the tweet, this could very well be the work of EA trying to discourage traders, by making them panic and sell off investments. Whilst I have managed to sell of a few cards in the hype for 18:00 GMT, I have held onto a large majority of these cards.

If we see something at 00:00 GMT, il be selling these guys off finally, as to no longer be holding them, and take the profit that I can get from them. If not, il continue to hold these cards and trade with them still in my transfer list. Il be listing for lazy buyers consistently and trying to sell them slowly for profit. They will rise in price over time anyway, due to being out of packs on November 1st 18:00 GMT, 1 hour before rewards.

Annoyingly, without a coin drain SBC, we haven’t really seen a big drop in TOTW 6 prices, and instead a rise in them. Il be waiting until after 00:00 GMT, in case a coin drain drops and we can get these cards much cheaper.

If not, il be paying full price and looking to sell again after rewards tomorrow at 19:00 GMT.

Here are the players that I’m looking at:

Mahrez will be a well used player in the Weekend League, a very meta card, worth picking up as cheap as possible and getting a resale after rewards. I can’t give any figures in what sort of coins you can make from this though.

Similar to Mahrez, I struggle to predict the price of Martial after rewards tomorrow. He is the only good left sided player, after Hazard, IF Mane and IF Willian. He is however the cheapest of the bunch so could be picked up more than other. The risk on this card is a bit higher, simply due to the new LW cards available this week.

I won’t be buying tonight, instead il potentially pick up tomorrow at 28k and under. Lala has already risen in price like I have said he would previously, but tomorrow morning could show another buying window. 30k+ on his card after rewards is the goal here, 32k is what we’re hoping for though.

Not seeing an SBC isn’t all bad, as it has created a new investing opportunity for us. This is in Scream cards themselves that took a hit as a result of panic selling.

For this, Dost is my favourite. At such a cheap price, you can’t go wrong on this card. Given the stat boosts are on good stats, you can easily get 18k on his card during the next stat upgrades.

Balotelli is a much larger risk as if he doesn’t get good stat upgrades, he will likely drop in price quite heavily. If you’re willing to take the risk and it works out successfully, you could be getting 65-75k for this card.

Forsberg will come in big for profit and I expect him to be between 18-20k during the next upgrades. Definitely pick him up and hold him, as he took a big hit today.

Im very confident that Denayer will end up with a nice price in the next stat upgrades. Currently he isn’t very desirable due to the lack of pace, but he is much more likely to receive a 91 Pace stat during the next upgrades soon. Big money to be made on him and extremely safe too

Exactly the same situation will Calhanoglu as it is with Denayer, I see no reason not to pick his card up and wait for the next player boosts.

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