As much as it pays to trade and hold out on investments long term, it gets pretty boring pretty quick in both cases. I think we can all agree that profit in the form of buying on one day and selling on the next is by far the most fun and rewarding. That’s why I’m looking for more investments like these.

I’ve noticed a very predictable pattern for price fluctuation in Ultimate Scream Pepe recently and I’ve figured out why too.

First, we need to look at the cheapest 86 Rated cards available on console:



Next let’s look at the price for 86 Rated Ultimate Scream Pepe



These prices are very close to the value of 86 Rated cards in general. Being a limited supply card, this guy shouldn’t be going under the value of regular 86 Rated NIF cards. Whilst almost out of packs, where he will be going up in value without a doubt, we can also see that people begin to notice that he gets close to this price of NIF 86 Rated Players, causing his price to spike throughout the day.

Here are the low points of both consoles for Scream Pepe

As you can see, the low point for XB1 is around 18k and under, with a high of 22k

On PS4 this card reaches lows of 19.5k and highs of 23k.

After 18:00 GMT each night both of these graphs go down in price because this is when he is mass listed. This makes a great opportunity to bid and snipe Scream Pepe cards.

Here’s what my watch list is looking like currently:

And I plan to list these guys up for 21.5k a few times over to get some sales. Profit will range from 2.4k-3.6k per card. This can be repeated each night, so I recommend you jump onto this at 18:00 GMT each day.

Look out for random times where he is low in price, checking it and random times to see if you can get get in on some even better than usual deals. This often happens very late at night.

Very few people are talking about it but these Scream Cards are going to fluctuate in price a ton throughout the year, a lot more than people are expecting, and here is why:

I believe that you need to be holding one of each of these cards closer to the end of this promo. When we see Guarenteed Ultimate Scream Card SBCs, Im buying as many as possible at the cheapest prices possible, so make sure you have as many coins available for this as possible!

Finally, I want to talk about a very naughty method of winning cards on bid much cheaper than usual. First, you need to find a card with value that you want to bid on. Let’s use TOTW Mahrez for example (there is no particular reason for me choosing him, I’m simply making an example here)

As we can see, he is selling for about 120k coins which will return 114,000 coins after tax. That means we want to bid underneath this value.

Find a card that is close to expiring that you can bid significantly under the value of the card. Let’s pretend this card is in the final 1 minute remaining

What we can do is keep bidding up by 1 increment at a time. That means we would bid 30,500 and then 31,000 and then 31,500. We simply keep doing this at quite a fast pace. If done quickly, it will appear like there is a bidding war going on for the card, and so other investors tend to ignore the card. They may place their own bids but usually quickly give up. You may have to bid cards up pretty high, such as on Mahrez, you may have to bid all the way up to 100k on the card.

By bidding yourself up you will scare away others. This doesn’t always work but it does mean you win cards more often than usual. Once you’re still in good profit, and nobody else is bidding you up, wait to see if you win the card. If somebody else bids, simply bid yourself up a few times to see if you can scare them off. This method can win cards way lower in price that usual.

Use this method on any card with value to simply day trade. Win the cards cheaper than usual and then sell for a few k worth of profit.

Big thanks to @FUTSPY who is the inspiration for this method. I can only assume this is what he is talking about in his tweet, as he hasn’t given a tutorial for his method, but I have found this to work pretty well, and have won a few cards cheaper myself with this method

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EricLaPlant · October 28, 2018 at 2:40 pm

Been trying the bidding strategy this weekend. It’s gold

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