A question that will likely run past hundreds and thousands of players over the next few months is wether you should, or shouldn’t buy FIFA Points.

EA Sports dominates the market for a football videogame, with PES trailing behind year after year due to many different reasons, and so it’s very easy to get invested into FIFA each year and start spending.

So should you spend money on FIFA points this year?

The real answer is that it depends on your situation.

If you know you’re going to be playing a lot of FIFA 20, then it can be beneficial to you to buy FIFA Points. Not only will you get a head start in the game, but you will win more games due to team advantages, and likely have more fun as a result.

With that said however, there is absolutely no reason you need to buy FIFA Points to get the best team possible.

This has been proven over and over by many members of the FIFA Community.

As you can see, many traders over on Twitter have managed to get many of the top end and meta teams this FIFA, spending little to no money on FIFA Points, and you can do exactly the same.

EA have been rewarding players more and more each year, providing plenty of opportunities to stack your club with coins and top tier players.

Here is how you can get involved and own a top team yourself:

1. Follow the Trading Community

There are so many accounts out there that are offering investing advice, day in and day out. They’re giving every one of their followers the exact info needed to make more and more coins every day in FIFA, with simply investments.

2. Don’t Waste Coins in Coin Sinks

Throughout the year, you will see tons of “Upgrade SBCs” that are repeatable and hand out Untradable rewards. These are coins sinks! By completing these SBCs, you are giving away your tradable players for a CHANCE to receive a good player.

The issue here is that even a cheap SBC costing 5k coins only needs to be repeated 20 times before you have lost 100,000 coins. It adds up.

You’re also not guaranteed to get anything good. You may just spend those coins and receive nothing for your coins. It’s a gamble with low odds.

Even if you do receive something good, they won’t necessarily fit into your team or fit the meta of the game. They could also become outdated fast and you will likely replace them pretty quickly.

3. Read Posts on FIFATraders.com

Yes, I know, it’s a plug… but seriously, check back into the website each day to see the latest content, or currently featured content for trading, created by trusted members of the Trading community.

The posts you see are created by traders, offering you completely free advice on how to make coins. They don’t just post because they can, they post because they have genuine advice to give.

What if you still want to buy points?

If you’re set on the idea of FIFA Points, then do yourself a favour and buy them at the start of FIFA 20, and not in the middle of the year.

This is because so many players are worth so much more in value.

Check out how the value of a Rare Gold EPL player changes over time:

Kyle Walker

As you can see, early on in the year, these kind of players can go for a ton more than what they will a few months down the line. This goes for lots of players, even the ones that aren’t meta and high rated, you will find plenty of players worth more than 10k despite maybe only being 80 rated in the first week of the games release.

Not only this but if you have coins early on, you can make more investments and return even larger amounts than everyone else, getting ahead of the game very early on.

That isn’t to say that you can’t do the same without buying FIFA Points, just be aware that the times are changing and obtaining the best available team is much easier than ever before, simply with a little bit of work…

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