This method works really great! It is for people with a low budget or for lazy traders.

Let me explain how it works:

You will need to use the following filter:

Bid price min. 250 / Max 450
Buy now price min. 650

Now you can search and bid on every player which has already a current bid. If there isn’t a bid on a player, don’t bid on him.

For example the player SODDIMO, current bid means, somebody has already bidden on him. So just bid once on him and go ahead.

If someone has outbided you, don’t start a bidding war. Go ahead with the other players. As soon as you have won some bids, you can start listing them.

If you are really lazy, I would recommend you to add 300 coins. For Example Naranjo bought for 350 coins. Sell him for bid price 600 and buy now price 650. And this is the result:

For me it is the best way to trade with a low budget…

You can also change the filter. For example: Nation, position, league etc..

If you aren’t lazy, you can also compare the players price and make even more profit:

As you can see, I bought Oxford for 500 coins. I could list him for +300 coins but I decided to compare his price and realized that I can sell him for more:

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