We all know that silver players can have value. In fact, some have some serious value, such as Cristiano, a highly rated silver ST, for his ability to muscle off defenders with his 91 strength, as well as be linked into some very good Brazilian teams. He is extinct at 35k on XB1

Other silver players like this have some seriously high value, such as Ibarbo who also has some good stats, but also is sought after by many collectors

Silver players are a rarity in FIFA. We see tons of gold packs opened and so gold players are in most cases, very prominent on the market, with huge supply of each available player. When it comes to Bronze players, there is also a good amount of supply as a result of the Bronze Pack Method, as well as simply the lack of buyers for anyone’s clubs. Silver Players however, are not packed anywhere near as often as Bronze and Gold Players.

Let’s take a look at demand:

When it comes to SBCs, silver players are great because they offer routes that wouldn’t usually be possible with just gold players, but also offer a higher rating to make any rating requirements much more obtainable. People will buy these players to complete SBCs, such as the League SBCs, which can offer some nice pack rewards, as well as some higher rated, heavily boosted cards.

So we know that the demand for these cards can be pretty high, but what about supply? Like I said earlier, the amount of Silver packs that are opened is significantly less than that of any other pack, and so the players are also pretty rare. Not only do people usually not bother listing up the silver players in their clubs, but they are already difficult enough to get ahold of, meaning that supply on some cards can be as little as a single page.

These two factors mixed together create some high prices, and cards that will in fact sell for some nice coins, but we’re here to talk about getting these cards cheap ourselves…

There are a few ways to go about this. The first, is sniping. Silver players are not being sniped, not even by bots. This means that when players list up their silvers, we are able to get them first. What is better than this, is that players tend to heavily undercut the lowest price available for a quick sale, or list up the player with no knowledge of the cards actual value. This is where we come in.

Sniping Method

Find a League SBC team that needs to use silver players. From here find some filters that suit your needs. Is every silver high in price? Set a filter to find all silver players in the team. Or perhaps maybe the CBs are expensive and other positions are cheap, go ahead and set a filter for just silver CB’s. There are tons of different filters you can try out on each team. You just need to find one that works for you.

The next method is to make concept teams, filled with Silver players from League SBCs that you know have value (go ahead and try to complete some yourself and find out where you’re paying the most coins for a player). Make a concept Squad around all these players and simply cycle through them, comparing their price and scrolling to the 59th minute. If you see a card that looks like it’s being listed too low, buy him quick and re-list him a bit more expensive. There are plenty of buyers that won’t even check the cheapest solutions for an SBC and will simply buy whatever they can find.

Bidding Method

For me, this is way more preferable. You have a couple options when it comes to this method too.

First, we’re going to ignore all of the non-rare silver players. Whilst there are lots of these cards that have some good value, there are also lots that don’t. Due to the way the packs are opened, rare silver players are even less common than that of the non-rare silvers, making some of them high in price or even extinct!

What we want to do is bid the minimum possible price on as any rare silver cards as possible. We won’t win all of them but we will win a nice bulk of them. From here, we undercut the lowest available price on Buy Now, and someone that doesn’t want to wait 10 minutes to bid on a card will end up buying the cheapest available which will be ours.

So we need to set up a filter that will find as many rare-silver cards as possible. This is what I have come up with:

What this filter does is take out of the equation most of the non valuable rare silver players (a min Buy Now price of 1,000 means that the cards listed are being listed high) as well as all the of discard value non rare silver players (the Min bid price of 250 gets rid of the masses listed for 200 coins buy now).

Not only that, but the max Bid price of 450 ensures we’re finding Silver cards with low starting prices available to us, as we want to win them cheap, but expensive enough that the rare silvers can be found. Finally, the max Buy Now is set at 9,900 rather than 10,000 to ensure we find listings that are not lazily places on the market for 10k Buy Now, as these players tend to be thrown on the market because they aren’t worth anything.

So now that we have a filter, we simply begin to bid 250 coins on every rare silver player we find. Some cards won’t have a start price of 250 coins. If this isn’t the case and it is instead higher, compare the price of the silver. Look for the cheapest one on the market.

Here is have found a player for 300 coins rather than 250

I will compare their price to check for the cheapest available.

As you can see, I have found some very cheap listings that haven’t sold. Because of this, il ignore this card and move onto the next one. This process will take you no more than 20 seconds.

Here I’ve found a player for 450 coins, so I compare the price to find the cheapest is 1,000 followed by a new listing for 800 coins. There is a good chance that the 800 coins listing will sell, due to this being a card in the MLS and needed for the new SBCs. Because of this, I believe I can get a 900 coins sale (for every 100 coins on a sale, you lose 5 coins, so a 900 coin sale, you will lose 45 coins. I know I will get back 855 coins from this sale).

Because I’m planning to get back 855 Coins, Im willing to spend the higher start price of 450 coins on this card

As a result of this, I won the card and am able to relist higher and make some easy coins.

Sometimes you will make 500 coins, other times you will make 3k+ coins. By mass bidding and getting quick, you can see huge profits within the hour. The silver market is very volatile, meaning prices can change rapidly. If you see a card drop in value, don’t panic. Simply list up and wait for the price to return high again. Alternatively, put the player in your club and wait for a future SBC where this card goes up in value anyway!

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