If you’re on a small budget, this is perfect for you, we’re looking to do some quick flips on RARE UCL Cards.

Set up this very basic filter:

And start mass bidding on every single rare UCL player (don’t go with the common UCL players).

From here you can either sell them at 800+ coins (check the cheapest available) or alternatively save them to the club.

If you’ve seen recently, we’re expecting a TOTGS Player Pick Pack to drop at some point this week, with the date quite potentially being tomorrow. If not, it is likely to drop within the next 6 days.

Here are the players available in that pick pack + the code for these player picks:

This pack is likely to require rare UCL cards.

We’re also likely to see 81+ UCL Player Packs, and the requirements for these is 11x UCL players. This will push ALL UCL cards up to 2k.

Because of this, mass buying the cheapest UCL cards, whilst not risky, could pay off huge.

Another investment will be for FUTMAS, and this is high chem 83 Rated players. Get in on them now!

Pick up your player at 1.5k and under and hold, as these are pretty cheap due to tons of promo packs opened today. These players will likely be held all the way up to FUTMAS

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