Tons of new content today! The new TOTY Neymar Jr came out after voting, there isn’t much to do in terms of investing when it comes to him, he’s just going to drop in value as he’s packed more. He’s also too expensive to do any link investing, so I wouldn’t worry about this card too much. If you somehow pack him, make sure you sell up ASAP.

He is the best available LW card out now (in terms of rating and face stats, no clue how he plays in game!). Icon cards in general have been dropping throughout the promo, so taking a look at the previous best LW, Ronaldinho, who is already low in price, there is some potential for him to be panic sold by anyone with him, although this is unlikely. Could be very worth looking at this card every day to see if he’s taken a big dip suddenly, as he’s replaced by Neymar once he’s a more reasonable price

92 Ibrahimovic dropped today too, in the form of a FlashBack SBC, which was a bit of a surprise!

This card looks amazing, his only downside is that he’s hard to link into teams, so I believe he will be a super sub rather than a first team player. Lots of players will be completing this SBC

This card is looking to cost about 170k and returning a 50k pack as well as 55k pack. As soon as the SBC dropped, I picked up plenty of Meunier NIF cards as I believed he will be used in the SBC to complete Ibra.

The reason for this is because there was a requirement that needed

  • 1x Player from PSG
  • A high team rating
  • Very high Chemistry
  • A formation with a RB

Whenever a new SBC comes out, it’s a test of knowledge of who would be a great pickup. Who provides chemistry, in a position that is usually difficult to get both chemistry and rating, and is also cheap. The player that fit this for me was Meunier

The reason I wasn’t able to let you guys know is because these were bought almost at 18:00 GMT exact, when the SBC came out. I only had time to get ahold of 27 cards, so made a quick 40k coins total after tax, but I simply didn’t have time to buy more.

These opportunities come around on pretty much ever FlashBack SBC, and is a very similar situation each time. I expect 1-2 more FlashBack SBCs to drop over the next few days too, so be around at 18:00 GMT, if you’re looking to make a quick sum of coins.

Another card to drop in this content heavy day is Vrsaljko. He is now the highest rated (non-Icon) RB Card and will 100% be used by a lot of players NEXT weekend league. So we’re looking at some link investing for this card due to how easy he is to obtain.

This card needs players to complete a time consuming weekly challenge in order to get this card, which means that players are very unlikely to be using this card this weekend League.

This card will be obtained by many top players, as well as many causal players too, around the region of Tuesday/Wednesday next week, once they have played enough games. This will be perfect for investing as there are a few key links with this card…

In the RM/RW position, there isn’t really that much to choose from. Strong links are very week player choices, so won’t be bought, and good players, such as UCL Live Cuadrado doesn’t provide a strong link, leaving this position out of the choices.

In the CDM/CM/CAM spot, we have Nainggolan as a great strong link, especially as he has fantastic stats and is a very usable player. Lots of players will want to get this card on Thursday for their Weekend League teams.

Any time between now and Sunday will be the best times to pick up his card, as we don’t want to leave it too late and he begins rising in price before we’ve invested. Should turnover a lot of good profit.

Another strong link is Joao Mario however this price is very inflated due to rarity, so I’m not too sure if he will rise enough to make a good enough amount of profit for what you’re investing.

In the final position, the CB spot, there is the possibility of Miranda, but this card is very rarely used, and it much more of an SBC fodder card. The real player you want, and someone who is arguably one the the best CBs in the Serie A is Skrniar

At around 42k, I can see this price being pushed up to 55k+ by next Thursday. Look out for some good prices when picking up this card by checking throughout the day each day leading up to Monday.

The perfect link to Brozovic is a possible choice, however he has increased almost 250% since the announcement of the Vrsaljko RB Card, and so il be avoiding this already inflated option

Be on the lookout for 86 Rated IF Cancelo to drop in price too next week as players start to get their hands on Vrsaljko instead. Replacing a lower rated Serie A RB Card means that the old cards go down in price. We haven’t seen this happen to a very large extent yet, as nobody has earned themselves the new RB Card. I expect his to be at his lowest on Thursday as players fund their new purchases by selling this card, however this could be 1-2 days off, and we may see a lowest price a little earlier or even a little later. 100% he is a player to watch out for:

Finally, the new Van Dijk POTM dropped today and we made big money!

Taking a look at our Fraser investment, as 18k and under, and a sell price of 23-24k (depending on how quickly you want the sale) on both consoles, that’s around 4.3k profit after tax per card, or 23.9% returns which is HUGE!

If only I had put in 10m last night, that would have been the quickest 2,390,000 Coins after tax ever!

As for the other cards recommended, they also did fantastic. Here are the recommended buy prices:

And here is how they’re doing now:

I have to admit that I never saw the two CBs rising this much but if you bought up then big GGs to you!

With the new VVD card out, the old ones have started to drop in price a lot!

87 UCL Live:

87 TOTW:

86 TOTW:

85 NIF:

I expect these prices to rebound soon but not as high as their original prices. The card I like the look of the most here is the 87 UCL Live Card. This is because we have UCL matches coming up next month, as well as a Ratings Refresh next month which would very easily see this card pushed up to 89 Rated and even up to 90 Rated if Liverpool perform well! This card should be monitored for the next few days and bought at a low point, but with the card still dropping, we don’t know when that will be. I would say that buy time will likely be Monday during the Weekend League Sell off, and the end of TOTY supply too, when people’s dreams of packing TOTY VVD Untradable come to an end.

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