Easy coins are up for grabs tonight, make sure you get on board. With the release of squad battle rewards tonight (1 hours time), plenty of players will be jumping on to open and list up their cards. Very few top players are packed and so prices tend to be relatively unaffected with them. Some up and some down. But there are a few things we should be looking out for…

When everyone is listing players, we see the market flooded with cards. A lot of cards with value, but not tons of value, will be listed. What this does is gives us a great opportunity to snipe cards whilst they’re being listed and undercut. Simply find out the lowest listed prices of player, and get sniping at 01:00 GMT.

The players I recommend sniping are as follows:

OTW Players

If a player is worth more than 15k, they’re certainly worth sniping. A lot of these cards will be listed very low and you can make 1-5k a card easily by picking them up. There will be plenty of competition around picking these cards up, so be quick.


The same follows for TOTW as it does with OTW, plenty of competition but certainly a lot of coins to be made. The players I think will be listed significantly too cheap are these:

Cheap 85 Rated Cards

Not the most valuable cards out there but will be much easier to pick up than the other cards listed, I would look to make 500 coins to 1k+ a card. Some of these will be accidentally min listed too, so it’s almost a free player!

But it’s not all sniping! With the mass listing, it doesn’t mean everyone is listing up the players and undercutting, or even checking prices. Lazy sellers will list up cards with the Start Price as the minimum and Buy Now Price as the maximum. This offers a great pick up opportunity…

By this I mean we need to be waiting around 1 hour after rewards (this allows any listed at 01:00 to have there timers run down to the last minute). So now the time will be 02:00 GMT. Finding the right players to bid on can be tough, but there are a few options I have ready for you. Simply bid under the Buy Now value of the player to earn some coins off each card. Aim as low as possible as you can win plenty of these cards very very cheap prices due to so many cards being on the market at once and there being so few buyers too.

83 Rated Players

84 Rated Players

85 Rated Players

Specific TOTW cards

I wouldn’t try to madd bid on OTW cards as you likely will struggle to win any for a good price. With the TOTW cards, you will find that you also may struggle to win some cards. If you are struggling, bid on NIF cards. (If bidding or sniping TOTWs, try a Special card filter + Max Price 10k)

An easy way out is to simply apply a filter that have value (e.g EPL + England, Bundesliga + Germany…) and bid the minimum price on every card available.

I won’t be able to give more specific cards or which ones I will be buying, simply because il be cycling through all of the listed cards to get some deals, and find what will work for me.

This method is very repeatable, each week, same day same time, as it very worth jumping onto and having coins ready to get buying.

The sell time for these cards is anytime after 08:00 GMT. After this, you can choose when to sell your players (or you may choose to pick up players for your team)

Best of luck!

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